· April, 2009

Stories about Mexico from April, 2009

Mexico: Trying to Lighten the Mood About Swine Flu

  27 April 2009

Even with the international concern over the health emergency of the swine flu, a Mexican band called Agrupación Cariño is trying to lighten the mood with a song called “The Flu Cumbia” as mentioned by Panamérika Blog [es].

Global Health: Swine Flu Threat Spreads Worldwide

  27 April 2009

Confirmed or suspected cases of swine flu, which was detected in Mexico earlier this month, have now been found in at least seven other countries around the world. The World Health Organization says that this outbreak constitutes a "public health emergency of international concern."

Mexico: Concern Over Swine Flu Outbreak

  25 April 2009

Mexican health officials have become concerned with an outbreak of swine flu, which has caused the deaths of 68 in Mexico City, and another 1,000 have fallen ill. The outbreak prompted the closure of schools and the cancellation of many cultural events. On the streets of the capital, residents are taking precautions to avoid the virus and others are waiting to see if it spreads.

Mexico: Zona Maco Art Fair

  23 April 2009

Zona Maco is Mexico City's annual art fair begins this week and Daniel Hernandez of Intersections has options for the various activities taking place.

Mexico: The San Juan Market in the Capital

  22 April 2009

Lesley Téllez of the Mija Chronicles documents a visit to the Mercado San Juan, one of the oldest markets in Mexico City, where among the items she saw were fried grasshoppers, ant eggs, sharks, ducks and skinned baby goats.

Mexico: Foreign Artists Commenting on Internal Matters

  12 April 2009

French musician and activist Manu Chao was recently in Mexico, where he referred to the riots in Atenco to be an example of "state terrorism." As a result, there was reports that he was being investigated by the government for violating Article 33 of the Mexican Constitution, which prohibits foreigners from becoming involved in the internal matters of the country.

Mexico: University for Senior Citizens

  6 April 2009

A new university for senior citizens in Mexico City has been opened and Jessica Uribe of Vivir México [es] has details about the courses and programs offered for its students.