· March, 2009

Stories about Mexico from March, 2009

Mexico: Unsolved Feminicide Along the Border

  26 March 2009

Violence along the United States - Mexico border has reached staggering levels. The killings in border cities like Ciudad Juárez has already totaled 400 in the first two months of 2009. More than 370 women have been murdered in the cities of Juárez and Chihuahua “without the authorities taking proper measures to investigate and address the problem.” This crisis, often called feminicide, has been a cause for organizations and blogs to take to the internet to help raise awareness to the plight of the victims and their families.

Mexico: A Lack of Water in Mexico City

  26 March 2009

Mexico City is running out of water. Daniel Hernandez of Intersections writes about what the local government is doing to address the situation, but officials say “drastic steps” may need to be considered including the possibility of turning off the water on the weekends.

Mexico: Stopping Video Game Piracy

  5 March 2009

The company Nintendo recently requested help in cracking down on piracy of video games in countries like Mexico. Tome Chango Su Banana explains that piracy won't stop “unless they lower their prices” and compares prices of the console and games in his country and the United States.

Mexico: Two Musicians Selected for YouTube Symphony Orchestra

  4 March 2009

Two Mexican musicians have been selected for the YouTube Symphony Orchestra international orchestra, a collaborative project using social media through the use of auditions through YouTube videos. Manuel Zogbi from Saltillo and YouTube user Intisamente from Veracruz both submitted and uploaded videos displaying their musical talents in order to be considered for the contest.