· February, 2009

Stories about Mexico from February, 2009

Mexico: Criticizing Wasteful Government Spending

  27 February 2009

The Mexican federal government recently updated information about its expenses and its budgets for various public institutions on their transparency portal. Using this public information, many bloggers have identified expenses for questionable recreational activities that have cost taxpayers hundreds of thousands of pesos.

Mexico: War on Drugs Becoming Weirder

  24 February 2009

Mexico's war on drugs is getting “so surreal, absurd, and downright twisted” according to Daniel Hernandez of Intersections. He cites some recent incidents, including the claim that the drug cartels are organizing street protests against the Mexican military.

Mexico: Urban Artists in Monterrey Take to the Internet

  24 February 2009

In the streets of Monterrey, a city best known for being the industrial and technological mecca of Mexico, graffiti and other urban artists are utilizing user-friendly electronic media in order to showcase their painted works and murals on the internet, but also in some cases to take advantage of the anonymity needed when painting illegally on public spaces.

Mexico: Breaking the Kissing Record

  16 February 2009

Nearly 40,000 Mexicans broke the Guinness World Record for the most people kissing at the same time writes Jessica Uribe of Vivir México [es]. They assembled in Mexico City's zocalo to participate in the event and she adds, “there were all types of kisses, between couples, mothers with their children,...

Mexico: Cartel Violence Affecting Phoenix

  13 February 2009

The drug cartel violence in Mexico is affecting the city of Phoenix, Arizona, which is now the world city with the second most kidnappings. Latina Lista writes that the US government should move to address the situation in Mexico.

Mexico: The Passing of the Tomato King

  11 February 2009

Andrés Bermúdez, also known as the “Tomato King” because of his invention of a tomato-planting machine, recently passed away writes Mexico Monitor. Bermúdez also was the first migrant in the U.S. to become mayor of a Mexican town.

Mexico: Protesting the Proposal to Illuminate Teotihuacán Pyramids

  4 February 2009

Nearly 200 protestors assembled near the Teotihuacán pyramids near Mexico City. They do not agree with the governor's proposal to illuminate the pyramids at night in order to attract more tourism saying that it will only further deteriorate the archaeological ruins writes Perla Cristal Gómez of Vivir México [es].