· January, 2009

Stories about Mexico from January, 2009

Mexico: Startling Discovery in Tijuana

  28 January 2009

Hache [es] writes about the recent discovery of a man hired by drug cartels in Tijuana, Mexico who disposed the bodies of a reported 300 murdered victims in cauldrons of acid and that the man felt “nothing.” He also claimed that “it is a common job.”

Mexico: Good Conduct Law Revoked

  21 January 2009

The local government of Guanajuato, Mexico revoked the “Good Conduct” law that would have outlawed public kissing after receiving negative press for the law updates Ingrid of Vivir México [es].

Mexico: No Kissing in Public in Guanajuato

  19 January 2009

The government of Guanajuato, Mexico recently passed a law of “Good Conduct” which would fine and possibly imprison beggars, those who don't use pedestrian bridges, swearing, and even for those that kiss in public writes Jessica Uribe of Vivir México [es].

Mexico: Payment for Favorable Press Coverage

  16 January 2009

The Mexican press is in crisis, according to JC Cortés Cordoba of Cargamento [es]. In addition to security concerns, he laments the fact that many journalists are receiving money to write favorable articles about public officials.

Mexico: Monterrey Bands at SXSW

  16 January 2009

Bands from the city of Monterrey, Mexico will be well represented at the annual South by Southwest music festival to be held in Austin, Texas, writes Issa Villarreal of We Shall Be Free [es].

Mexico: Puebla the City of Talaveras

  13 January 2009

Daniel Hernández of Intersections profiles the Mexican city of Puebla, “whose history is tied to talavera, an earthenware they've been putting on pretty much everything in Puebla for centuries. Tile and ceramic talavera is so big here they even put it in the urinals.”

Americas: Celebrating the Visit of the Three Kings

  6 January 2009

The holiday season continues across the Americas, even as Christmas and the New Year holiday have all passed. In many countries in the region, the feast of “Los Reyes Magos” (The Three Kings) is an equally important festivity in many households. The day falls around the time of Epiphany and is celebrated on January 6th. Some of the region's bloggers recall the traditions in their own countries.

Mexico: Parking Violations

  6 January 2009

Tome Chango Su Banana is noticing drivers in Mexico City are some of the worst violators of parking regulations and tells a story where he witnessed a man taking up 2 handicapped spots with no consideration of others.

Mexico: A Trip to the Taco Stand and Trust

  5 January 2009

“If there is a heaven, I am sure that there is a taco stand…” writes El Nahual of Mexico Para Los Mexicanos [es]. He tells a story of a recent trip to his favorite taco stand, upon finishing his meal, he discovered that he didn't have enough money. He was...