· December, 2008

Stories about Mexico from December, 2008

Mexico: Campaign to Canonize Carlos Abascal

  30 December 2008

Mexablog [es] thought that the news about the campaign to canonize Carlos Abascal, who passed away earlier this month, was part of the Innocent's Day festivities, which is famous for trying to fool people in believing false news. However, he was shocked to find out that the effort to make...

Global Health: 2008 Blogs In Review

  27 December 2008

Bloggers in 2008 showed all the ways in which global health is interconnected with other issues, by covering health stories that touched on everything from poverty and women's rights to the environment and economics. They shared stories such as the prohibition of cannabis in Japan, how ads for children's food...

Americas: A Look Back at 2008

  26 December 2008

In 2008, the Latin American team from Global Voices helped add context and helped highlight voices of bloggers that wrote about the numerous news stories that took place across the region. From the election of an ex-bishop in Paraguay to the march against the FARC in Colombia, bloggers provided their thoughts on natural disasters, protests, strikes, and important events across the Americas.

Mexico: Beauty Queen Busted for Arms

  24 December 2008

Former Mexican beauty queen Laura Elena Zúñiga Huizar was recently busted for arms, ammunition and cash writes Jessica Uribe of Vivir México [es].

Mexico: The Christmas Bonus

  23 December 2008

In Mexico, the end of the calendar year means a Christmas bonus called “aguinaldo” . Vivir México [es] writes that due to the economic crisis, this tradition is in danger of not being paid.

Cuba, U.S.A.: Lat Am & Caribbean Leaders Meet

  19 December 2008

“You could call it the independence summit”: The Cuban Triangle takes a look at the meeting of Latin American and Caribbean leaders in Brazil, adding that it “seems to have been about independence from Washington and a big way of expressing that independence was opposition to U.S. policy toward Cuba.”

Mexico: Anti-Kidnapping Expert is Kidnapped

  17 December 2008

Crime in Mexico is very worrisome concern for many. Kidnappings especially have been a common occurrence throughout the country, especially in the northern border states. The recent abduction of U.S. anti-kidnapping expert Félix Batista is an ironic twist in this ongoing fight against organized crime, leaving some to wonder if experts are not safe, then where does that leave ordinary Mexicans?

AIDS: Orphans, Marches and Reminders

  16 December 2008

Following up on past AIDS coverage such as the AIDS Conference 2008 and the World AIDS Day 2008, we bring you a video that shows the plight of orphans in South Africa whose parents have died from AIDS, the AIDS day celebrations in Bangladesh, a reminder from Mexico to get tested from SexualidadIntegral podcast and the AIDS impact report from the 2008 Conference in the Mexico City as well.

Mexico: Shoeshiner Uses YouTube to Increase Business

  12 December 2008

Shoeshiner Juan Luna has come up with a clever way to attract business to his stand located in downtown Monterrey, Mexico. With the help of a friend, he posted a video on YouTube demonstrating his unique way of shining shoes with a brush in each hand. As a result, he has received more business from clients eager to see the shoeshiner in person. Blogger Issa Villarreal interviewed Luna to learn about his marketing strategy.

Mexico: Death Penalty in Chihuahua

  8 December 2008

Mexablog [es] writes that the Chihuahua governor Reyes Baeza plans to hold a referendum on whether the death penalty should be implemented in that state.

Mexico: Identifying Stolen Cell Phones

  7 December 2008

How can one stop the robbery of cell phones in Mexico? Diego of Blog Mx [es] thinks that unique registration codes can help identify the phones, but according to laws the information can only be seen with a judicial order.

Japan: Japanese man living in Mexico City Int'l Airport

  2 December 2008

Blogger que es que, a Japanese living in Guadalajara (Mexico), commented on news concerning Hiroshi Nohara [en], a Japanese man who has been living for months in the Benito Juarez International Airport of Mexico City. The blogger writes that they would like one day to experience Nohara's free style of...