· November, 2008

Stories about Mexico from November, 2008

Mexico: High Service Fees for Radiohead Tickets

  29 November 2008

In Mexico, there are complaints regarding the high Ticketmaster service fees tacked on to the price of Radiohead tickets for the concerts to be held in Mexico City in March 2009 writes El Nahual of México Para Los Mexicanos [es].

Mexico: Last Mobilization of the Year for AMLO

  11 November 2008

The leader of the “Movement for the Defense of Petroleum, Popular Economy and National Sovereignty” Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO)announces that the last mobilization of the year will take place on November 23 in Mexico City writes Jessica Uribe of Vivir Mexico [es].

Mexico: Video Workshops at UNAM

10 November 2008

Notilibertas [es] is sponsoring a video workshop at UNAM in Mexico City every Tuesday starting on November 11. The third part of the workshop will teach participants how to make videos for the internet.

Mexico: Plane Crash Carrying Top Government Officials Leaves Doubts

  5 November 2008

On Tuesday evening, a small plane carrying 8 people including two important members of the Mexican government's fight against crime and drug-trafficking crashed into rush-hour traffic in a Chapultepec neighborhood and left at least 13 people dead. Due to the nature of the officials' work and the risk faced by government and security officials, many are wondering whether it was the work of drug cartels exacting their retaliation or whether it was an unfortunate accident.

Mexico: Dangers With Peseros

  5 November 2008

Daniel Manrique of Tome Chango Su Banana [es] writes about the some of the dangers of the public buses in Mexico City. “Peseros” have been involved in accidents, often due to inexperienced young drivers and writes, “why do they hire 18-year-olds with no experience and entrust them with the lives...