· September, 2008

Stories about Mexico from September, 2008

Mexico: Memories of Tijuana

  25 September 2008

JC Cortes of Cargamento [es] writes about his best memories of the Mexican border town of Tijuana. These memories especially include trips to his favorite taqueria to feast on shrimp tacos.

Mexico: Age of Terrorism

  25 September 2008

Mexico is entering the age of terrorism, write Daniel Hernandez of Intersections, especially after the recent grenade attack in Morelia during Independence Day celebrations.

Deaf Awareness Week: Striving for Quality Education

  24 September 2008

On this second part of the Deaf Awareness Week posts (part one), we bring you a perspective on education for the deaf, and the different challenges it implies. First, from the Central African Republic, a school that after funds stopped, has continued fueled only by love. Second, from the Philippines,...

Mexico: The City of Ideas Conference

  21 September 2008

La Ciudad de las Ideas (The City of Ideas) is a conference that will be held in Puebla, Mexico. Andrés Bianciotto already has his ticket and looks forwards to the ideas presented by a diverse group of speakers [es].

Mexico: Aftermath of Morelia Explosions

  18 September 2008

Manuel Robles of Experto de Nada [es] collects some of his observations in the aftermath of the explosions in Morelia, Mexico, especially about President Felipe Calderon's behavior.

Mexico: Explosions in Morelia During Independence Day Celebrations

  17 September 2008

Two hand grenades were tossed into a crowd in the city of Morelia, Mexico during independence day celebrations. Eight people were killed, and more than 100 were injured. Authorities are blaming the attack on drug cartels, who have been responsible for brutal killings throughout the country. This concern also led to a recent protest march that attracted thousands. Mexican bloggers are mourning this latest tragedy and are calling on the government to act.

Mexico: Much More Needed Than a March

  4 September 2008

Thousands of Mexicans in attendance for the march in Mexico City protested against the government's inability to halt kidnappings and violence against citizens. Now, bloggers from the capital and in other cities across the country provide their reflections and reactions to the march. However, many do not see that much will change without other actions by civil society.

Mexico Marches against Violence

  2 September 2008

Mexicans, fed up with the increasing violence and insecurity their country has been facing this past year, as it was mentioned on this past Global Voices article, decided to have a silent march and candle-lit anthem singing throughout the country and in some other locations like Costa Rica, USA, Spain, Israel, Poland and England during Sunday August 31st, 2008. The website Lets Illuminate Mexico has details about who supported the march, their reasons and it will soon have video and photos.