· April, 2008

Stories about Mexico from April, 2008

Mexico: New Super Tunnel in the Capital

  22 April 2008

A new super tunnel will be built in Mexico City with a distance of 18 km and for exclusive use of cars, and would supposedly help alleviate traffic. However, México Para Los Mexicanos [es] believes that it will only encourage increased car use and will increase pollution and gridlock.

Mexico: Smoking Ban in Effect

  6 April 2008

Chilanga Banda [es] and DFinitivo [es] write about the prohibition of smoking in enclosed places in Mexico City, which took effect this past weekend. The ban especially affects bars and restaurants.

Mexico: Emo Youth Become Targets of Attacks

  4 April 2008

Across Mexico, youth part of an "emo" culture have been the targets of attacks by groups, who may have been incited by a popular television personality. The easily identifiable youth may have been targeted due to their dress, taste in music or other stereotypes. Local bloggers have provided coverage from the very first incidents, pro-active protests, and other reactions.