· February, 2008

Stories about Mexico from February, 2008

Mexico: AOL to Return

  22 February 2008

Vivir México [es] writes about America Online's (AOL) return to Mexico trying to become major player in that country's internet services. However, it won't be as internet providers or connections, rather through its portal.

Mexico: Cable Car in Mexico City

  19 February 2008

In order to alleviate some of the traffic difficulties in the area of Santa Fe in Mexico City, the government has proposed the construction of a cable car, writes México Para Los Mexicanos [es].

Mexico: Attempted Bombing Expected to Change Things

  18 February 2008

Even though the attempted bombing did not reach its presumed target in Mexico City, many bloggers are predicting changes in store. Some think that the laws will change allowing for warrantless searches and illegal detentions, while others think it won't be as safe to walk the streets of the Mexican capital.

Mexico: Design of a New Taxi

  12 February 2008

Isopixel [es] writes about the Science and Technology Institute of Mexico City and its sponsorship of a contest to design a new taxi for the capital and should be “creative, functional and responds to the needs of the residents of the capital city.”

Mexico: Extra Pay for Weight Loss

  12 February 2008

Vivir Latino writes about a new Aguascalientes, Mexico campaign offering extra pay for police officers that lose weight so that they can be more effective in foot chases. The police department is encouraging less of the three “T's”, tamales, tacos and tortas.

Mexico: Another Tie with the US

  11 February 2008

After a 2-2 tie with the United States, Bucéfalo [es] thinks the Mexican national football team would be better off with another coach due to the 0-8-2 results over the past ten years on the road.

Mexico: Festivities in Santa Maria Aztahuacan

  8 February 2008

Mexico Reporter visits the town of Santa Maria Aztahuacan, where residents celebrated the start of Lent with “dancing in the streets, tacos, tequila – and random gunfire.” Tradition has meant that the residents shoot their pistols as a way of showing their joy during the festivities.

Mexico: Chinese Community Celebrates New Year

  7 February 2008

Cuadernos de Silicio [es] describes the events surrounding preparations for the Chinese New Year in Mexico City, and that 2008 corresponds to “the Year of the Rat,” a year that members of the Chinese community think “could be favorable for having a lot of children, as it is characteristic of...

Mexico: Candelaria Day and Tamales

  4 February 2008

Candelaria Day is a tradition in Mexico, where the statues of baby Jesus are dressed up in religious garb, and Chilanga Banda [es] notes that some choose to go a different route and even place miniature soccer jerseys on the baby Jesus. In addition, tamales are a big part of...