· January, 2008

Stories about Mexico from January, 2008

Mexico: Conditions for Plan Merida

  28 January 2008

Enigmatario [es] wonders how much more access the US will request for its Drug Enforcement Agency in Mexico under Plan Merida to fight organized crime especially associated with drug trafficking.

Mexico: Drug-Related Violence in Tijuana

  21 January 2008

Violence between Mexican authorities and members of powerful drug cartels has been erupting all across the country leaving scores dead and a society that often feels helpless. The Mexican government has attempted to curb this escalation in violence by dispatching federal police and soldiers to the areas most affected. Some Mexican bloggers are saddened by this brutal violence, and are often left wondering how to deal with its effects.

Mexico: 2007 was a Good Year

9 January 2008

Two out of every three Mexican citizens reported that 2007 was better for them personally than 2006 according to a national poll writes Vivir México [es].

Americas: End of the Year Traditions

  8 January 2008

End of the year traditions across Latin America are varied, as many include local customs, the preparation of delicious food, and plenty of loud fireworks. This is a collection of how some bloggers spent their holidays throughout the region.