· October, 2007

Stories about Mexico from October, 2007

Mexico: Protecting the Columbus Statue

15 October 2007

On October 12, a date celebrated as Columbus Day in the United States, but as Día de la Raza in parts of Latin America, Juan Carlos Romero Puga of Vivir Mexico [ES] shows a picture of a statue of Christopher Columbus in Mexico City, which had been protected from the...

Mexico: Education Roundup

  11 October 2007

HJ Barraza provides his latest Mexican Education RoundUp at his blog Neverwonderland. He also endorses the XO computer for use by Mexican schoolchildren.

Mexico: Improving Transportation

  11 October 2007

Mexico City's government recently unveiled a plan to improve transit throughout the city. Vivir Mexico [ES] discusses these new proposals , but also writes that citizens must “change the way we live with one another,” especially in regards to how people change for the worst once they step behind the...