· September, 2007

Stories about Mexico from September, 2007

World Reaction to the UN Declaration on Indigenous Rights

  24 September 2007

In every society in which they find themselves, the world's 370 million indigenous peoples are among the most vulnerable and marginalized. After over 22 years of negotiations and consultations, the United Nations approved the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples earlier this month, a broad, non-binding agreement articulating basic...

Mexico: Benefits for Ex-Presidents

  17 September 2007

Ex-presidents of Mexico receive monthly salaries and support staff for their personal use. Enigmatario [ES] writes about these benefits given to the former heads of state and for what the money could be better used.

Mexico: Coahuila Explosion

  13 September 2007

Ocho Cuartos [ES] posts a video to put the recent explosion in Coahuila into perspective, in which a truck with 25 tons of Ammonium Nitrate was detonated.

Mexico: Thoughts on a Homecoming

  11 September 2007

Brayan of Candyland returns to his native Mexico City after a little more than a year abroad in Barcelona. Upon his return, he writes, “i forgot what a monster the city is. a constant soft collapse. a wide, circular wreck. half-finished, permanent urban adolescence. the city is just the same...

Mexico: Calderon Report Online

  3 September 2007

The Felipe Calderon presidency will complete one year at the beginning of December. To mark the occasion, his office published a site with a report about the accomplishments of the first year in office. Blog.com.mx [ES] writes, “I don't remember a document being available to the citizens like this before,...

Mexico: Enchilada Festival

  1 September 2007

“Who could live in Mexico without trying enchiladas?” Now Mexicans and tourists alike will get a chance to try nearly 200 varieties of this typical dish. Vivir Mexico [ES] provides details of the Enchilada Festival in Iztapalapa.