· March, 2007

Stories about Mexico from March, 2007

Mexico: Harvard University and Oaxaca

  30 March 2007

George Salzman on the good and bad of the involvement of Manuel Stefanakis, Director of the Master of Public Administration Programs in the John F. Kennedy School of Government, in Oaxaca's long-standing conflict with the local and federal government.

Mexico: Biofuels, corn prices and food security

  30 March 2007

Sitna Quiroz on “Biofuels, corn prices and food security in Mexico:” “Media reports attributed the rise in tortilla prices to dwindling imports of corn due to its increasing demand for ethanol production. Others argued that the problem was not lack of corn, but rather the monopolizing practices and speculation carried...

Mexico: Protests Against New Retirement Age

  30 March 2007

“Streets blocked, schools and universities closed, public transportation services suspended and violent demonstrations in front of the National Senate, all in the name of . . . what, exactly, I'm not too sure.” But Mark in Mexico does his best to find out. Ana Maria Salazar has more on the...

Mexico: Braceros’ Social Security

20 March 2007

Mark in Mexico writes that the Mexican government is having trouble counting “braceros”, the migrant workers given special work visas between 1942 and 1964.

Mexico: News Roundup

  20 March 2007

Coming back from maternity leave, the prolific Ana Maria Salazar summarizes some of the latest stories coming out of Mexico.

Mexico: The World's Third Wealthiest Man

16 March 2007

He is, writes Mark in Mexico, “the world's third richest man, whose fortune grew by 19 billion dollars just last year alone.” But will Carlos Slim jump on the Bill Gates/Warren Buffet philanthropy bandwagon? Spanish readers will also be interested in “Los 10 Secretos de Slim” from Enchílame.

Mexico: $1,000 to get Naked

  16 March 2007

Eduardo Arcos[ES] links to a post by Verónica Mellado [ES] offering bloggers $1,000 to videotape themselves getting naked. The winning submission will published on the web. Arcos suggests Paniagua [ES].

Mexico: New Outlet for New Translations

  12 March 2007

C.M. Mayo announces the first edition of the Tameme chapbook ~ cuaderno. Meant to “celebrate and disseminate new writing and translation in an attractive and affordable format,” the inaugural issue features the story “Carne verde, piel negra ~ An Avocado from Michoacán” por ~ by Agustín Cadena, which won Mexico's...

Mexico: Private Schooling

  8 March 2007

Mark in Mexico, who spent the past two weeks in “one of the oldest and best established private schools in Oaxaca City,” hints at his upcoming series on private education in Oaxaca.