· October, 2006

Stories about Mexico from October, 2006

Mexico: Oaxaca and Mexico City

  31 October 2006

It's going to be a busy Friday in Mexico City, writes Ana Maria Salazar: “once again the marches and protest will take over the City, in addition to being “Quincena”, Friday, and Halloween. Expect “TRAFICO HORRIBLE” and take the necessary precautions. (Use the John before you head out, take a...

Mexico: First Hand Account of Oaxaca Violence

  31 October 2006

Having met Bradley Will a week before his death in Oaxaca, British Journalist John Dickey asks, “does a gringo always have to die for the world to act?” Dickey also adds: “What you probably won’t hear either is that the APPO people do not carry any firearms. Their only weapons...

Mexico: The last moments of Bradley Roland Will

  30 October 2006

Journalism seems like a precarious profession to practise in Mexico. It's ranked by the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) as one of the most dangerous places to be a journalist. The latest tragic example of this came on Friday 27th October, in the southern state of Oaxaca, with the shooting...

Violence and Misinformation Abound in Oaxaca

  30 October 2006

The usually tranquil Southern Mexican tourist town of Oaxaca – with its large, shaded plaza and gallery-lined alleys – had transformed into a political pressure cooker over the past few months in what began as a seemingly routine teacher's strike in late May. The lid then blew straight off yesterday...

Mexico: The Streets of Tijuana

27 October 2006

Following the murder of five businessmen within two days, Ana Maria Salazar asks why the world has seem to have forgotten about Tijuana. Meanwhile, on YouTube, a disturbing video of young prostitutes in Tijuana's Coahuila district has already attracted over 32,000 views. The comments following the video, predictably, are even...

Mexico: Teachers Return to Classrooms, APPO Wants Proof

  27 October 2006

Mark in Mexico says that all hell broke loose once the striking Oaxacan teachers voted to return to their classrooms: : APPO has begun to lock down the city. There were the usual charges of vote manipulation to which a union spokesman replied, ‘If someone's going to level such charges,...

Mexico: Monterrey Yesterday and Today

  26 October 2006

After discovering several old black and white photographs of Monterrey, Mexico, Hipocratico of RegioBlogs took to the streets with his camera and photographed those same locations. Here are the side-by-side comparisons. Several Regio Bloggers also made their way into the El Norte newspaper [ES] for their participation in “Blog to...

Latin America: Authors and Translators

  25 October 2006

Liz Henry just got back from the American Literary Translators Association conference (which she liveblogged) and introduces readers to some of the Latin American & Spanish-speaking authors and translators she met there.

Mexico: Secretary of Gobernación

  24 October 2006

Ana Maria Salazar has an entertaining post introducing readers to potential candidates for the Secretary of Gobernación. This is the first post in a series on upcoming cabinet candidates.

Mexico: Oaxaca Update

19 October 2006

Both Ana Maria Salazar and Mark in Mexico relate, in their respective styles, the heightened political ambitions of the Popular Assembly of the People of Oaxaca (APPO). Colin Brayton describes the murder of “Pánfilo Hernández, an elementary school teacher from Zimatlán, who was shot around 9 p.m. by unknown persons...

Mexico: Pirated CD's and File Sharing Networks

  18 October 2006

Eduardo Arcos highlights a comment on his post about the return of Amprofon, Mexico's version of the RIAA, which is using scare tactics to discourage the use of P2P file sharing networks. The commenter, Alex Zvook wonders why the authorities are going after those who download music in their homes...

Oaxaca: Students Take Over University

  12 October 2006

Mark in Mexico has another update on the situation in Oaxaca including news that “30 students entered the university early this morning, took over the administration building, and declared the university closed for the day.” Ana Maria Salaza is now also in Oaxaca and has an excellent summary of what...

Mexico, Argentina, France: Fort Boyard

  11 October 2006

Bilingual Mexican blogger Andrés Bianciotto reminds readers of the reality TV show Fort Boyard? (which was apparently very popular in Argentina) and points them to a post about the fort on Google Sightseeing.

Mexico: Oaxaca Remains at Standstill

  10 October 2006

On indigenous peoples day, Vivir Latino takes a at the ongoing protest in Oaxaca, Mexico, commenting that “it is important to look throughout our Americas at the people leading struggles in the name of their community's future.” Writing from Oaxaca, Mark in Mexico translates an opinion piece by Sergio Sarmiento...

Mexico, Spain: Video Blogging

  6 October 2006

Alfredo, who maintains the weblog “Mexicans in Spain” introduces Roger Casas-Alatriste [ES], a Mexican national living in Madrid and working on the online video platform MobuzzTV [ES].

Mexico: Abductions in Oaxaca

  5 October 2006

Nancy Davies says that a law student and possibly two others were reportedly “snatched from the streets by plainclothes thugs.

Mexico: No End to Oaxacan Conflict in Sight

  5 October 2006

Mark in Mexico has four posts in as many days about the continued political and social strife in Oaxaca. The post titles are telling: Father of 3 decapitated at APPO roadblock. President Fox and his cabinet draw the line. Guerrillas raising their ugly heads. The striking teachers and APPO refuse...