· September, 2006

Stories about Mexico from September, 2006

Peru: Food: Anthony Bourdain, Vegan Cuisine, and Latin-Fusion

  26 September 2006

Peruvian cuisine continues its international surge. Peru Food serves up a video of renowned culinary explorer Anthony Bourdain visiting Peru and a recommendation for those interested in vegan Peruvian dishes. And, writing from Monterrey, Mexico, Ocho Cuartos recommends [ES] a new Peruvian-Oriental latin fusion restaurant.

Mexico: If Chavez Visits

  21 September 2006

Political commentator Ana Maria Salazar explains why she hopes that Hugo Chavez comes to Mexico. Also, another helpful roundup of the day's news.

Global Food Blog Report #32

  18 September 2006

#1: From Sri Lanka, Moju meditations on Hitler and Vegetarianism: "Hitler was a vegetarian" As you can see below from the quotes of Hitler…he was a vegetarian and a teetotaler! How is it possible that a vegetarian and a teetotaler could kill millions of people? The reason I ask is...

Mexico: Battle of the Gritos Part II

  15 September 2006

What a confusing twist of events. What first had appeared to be a “battle of the gritos” in Mexico City's Zocalo Plaza will now be an event of silence. As both Ana Maria Salazar and Rodrigo Javier explain, President Vicente Fox will not be giving el grito of independence in...

Mexico: Billie's Blog

13 September 2006

Mexico in English introduces Billie's Blog, authored by a ” woman who has recently sold her home in Houston and gone to live with her husband in San Miguel Allende. She writes well and she takes lovely photos. Her powers of observation that make her a good photographer make her...

Mexico: The Battle of the Gritos

  12 September 2006

Eduardo Arcos informs his readers that López Obrador, who lost the presidential election to Felipe Calderón will give el grito [a ceremonious scream on independence eve] in Mexico City's zócalo (ES). The annual ceremony, to take place the night of September 15, has always been led by the president. According...

Mexico: Oaxaca’s Popular Assembly Storms Government Offices

  8 September 2006

Writing from Oaxaca, Nancy Davies says the Popular Assembly of the People of Oaxaca (APPO) “declared the governor Ulises Ruiz Ortíz (URO) ‘proscrito – banned, exiled, unwelcome – in the state of Oaxaca.” Rodrigo Javier has eye-opening photos (ES) of APPO storming the government offices. Concluding the post, he writes,...

Mexico: Calderon as president

  6 September 2006

Two months after Mexican voters went to the polls, Felipe Calderón has been officially declared president-elect of Mexico. Boz rounds up the mainstream media's reaction while A.M. Mora y Leon links to all the English-language blogs. Ana Maria Salaza has a useful final entry summarizing yesterday's events.

Mexico: Elections: A Winner, Finally

  5 September 2006

More liveblogging from Eduardo Arcos, this time of the decision by Mexico's electoral tribunal to declare Felipe Calderón winner of the July 2 presidential election (ES). El Blog de Rodrigo did the same (ES) as did Ana Maria Salazar with a series of (so far) nine posts. For more context,...

BlogDay 2006 in Latin America

  5 September 2006

On August 31 bloggers around the world tried to make the planet a tad smaller, a wee bit more familiar, by introducing five new blogs to their readers. Here is a look at how some Latin American bloggers chose to celebrate the day. Let's start in Mexico where Ricardo Carréon,...

Mexico: Presidential Address Blocked by Protesters

  4 September 2006

It seems that Mexican politics have gotten beyond comical. To capture the tension of outgoing President Vicente Fox's state of the nation address, Ceci Connolly recommends a cartoon by Luis Carreño and Ricardo Carreón recommends the work of cartoonist, Paco Calderon. Eduardo Arcos liveblogged the address. Boz considers the conflict...

Mexico: “State of Blogging in Mexico after the 2006 Election”

  1 September 2006

Ricardo Carreón gives a personalized account of Mexico's blogging history: “For me it is clear that the Election was the killer application for Mexican blogs. However, I think that those independent and authoritative voices will continue to play a role on shaping the future of my country. Many of them...