· August, 2006

Stories about Mexico from August, 2006

Mexico: Gunshots in Oaxaca

  30 August 2006

Mark in Mexico, awoken by gunshots this morning in Oaxaca, has an update on the standoff, including a link to an interesting satellite map by Reforma.

USA, Mexico: Hurricane Recovery

  29 August 2006

Andres Bianciotto has the score at USA 0 – Mexico 1 (ES) when comparing the United States’ federal disaster recovery following Hurricane Katrina with Cancun's post-Wilma recovery. Steve Bridger seems to agree with, at least, the latter.

Mexico: Oaxaca Updates

  28 August 2006

Adirondack Base Camp writes: “My wife and daughter just arrived in Oaxaca and I’m concerned for their safety. Therefore I have started this page as a source of information and news regarding the current situation there as it develops.” Also, Ana Maria Salazar on allegations that armed groups have taken...

Mexico: Recount Results and Analysis

  28 August 2006

Eduardo Arcos has the freshly released numbers by the Electoral Tribunal following a partial recount of the July 2 vote. Despite a greater quantity of annulled votes, Mark in Mexico writes that “the 7 magistrates who have the final say in the July 2 presidential election, will, according to this...

Mexico: Oaxaca Protest Updates

  25 August 2006

Mark in Mexico has another update of life in protest-engulfed Oaxaca as does Rochelle as does Atenco Somos Todos (ES). Molechocolate posts a video which suggests that the violence in Oaxaca could soon spread throughout all of Mexico. Finally, the one silver lining, Olganza says the Popular Assembly of the...

Mexico: Contested Chiapas Elections

  25 August 2006

Both Octavio Islas and “Enigma” (ES) are worried that Aguilar's refusal to accept defeat will encourage state-level political discord much like presidential candidate Lopez Obrador's refusal to accept defeat has split the entire country. Al Giordano says that the elections were submersed in a whirlpool of fraud, instigated by both...

Mexico: More Violence in Oaxaca

  23 August 2006

Writing from Oaxaca, Mark in Mexico's post titles say it all: More shootings, chaos in the city; Violence escalates; Bad, very bad, and getting worse.

Racism in Mexican Football

  22 August 2006

Viewers of this year's World Cup couldn't help but notice the all out anti-racism offensive pushed by FIFA. Given the humiliations long-endured by players of color throughout Europe, the extensive campaign was seen by many as overdue. Yet despite the newfound awareness, “unfortunately,” writes Raúl Ramirez (ES) of Isopixel, “racism...

Mexico, Somalia: “A Forgotten Country”

  18 August 2006

Mexican blogger Enigmatario (ES) has a thorough post on the latest developments in Somalia in a post titled “A country forgotten by the world, Somalia, Islamist rebels, and Africa's Islamic future.”

Mexico: Elections: Still Waiting …

  17 August 2006

The partial vote recount has concluded in Mexico, but what can one do except wait, says Ceci Connolly in a thorough (and well-linked) post of what's to come. The post has inspired an active comment conversation. Meanwhile, Ana Maria Salazar points out that “Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador´s honeymoon with the...

Mexico: AMLO Moving On?

  14 August 2006

After writing an open letter which asks the former Mexico City mayor and presidential candidate to be more tolerant in his civil disobedience, Ricardo Carreón says there are now signs that Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador is moving on despite his own rhetoric. Ana Maria Salazar derives the same conclusion in...

Mexico: Recounts and Protests

  10 August 2006

As the partial recount of disputed votes gets underway, Ana Maria Salazar says that Sympathizers of the Coalition for the Good of All, blocked major banks across Mexico City. Ceci Connolly describes two articles on the violent birth of a baby and the death of a middle-aged man sleeping among...

Mexico: Obrador's Supporters Disappointed

  7 August 2006

Having just returned to Mexico City from South America, Ricardo Carreon observed last week that much of the “protest” in support of Lopez Obrador consisted of empty tents along Reforma Blvd. Carreon also links to a video tour of the Reforma area in the midst of the protests. Ana Maria...

Food Blog Report #27

  6 August 2006

#1: From Stockholm, Sweden: Clivia's Cuisine and her marvelous Swiss chard dolmadas with rice and mushrooms! A gem of a recipe, and it looks delicious… Last week I visited Rosendals trädgårdar at Djurgården in Stockholm and found a big bunch of Swiss chard for only 15 SEK, so I bought...