· July, 2006

Stories about Mexico from July, 2006

Mexico: Godwin's Law a la Mexicana

  31 July 2006

Reminding readers of Godwin's Law, which says that “as an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches one,” Eduardo Arcos posts (ES) recent photos of election protests in Mexico.

Mexico: Poll Numbers and Teachers Strike

  28 July 2006

It's Friday! That's right, time for Boz's famous poll numbers, wherein 48% of surveyed Mexicans believe there should be a recount while 53% believe that Calderon won the election. Lopez Obrador isn't among them, however, says Ana Maria Salazar: “After López Obrador proclaimed himself the winner of the presidential election;...

Americas: BlogHer

  28 July 2006

As the BlogHer conference approaches, Liz Henry takes a look at what Spanish-speaking bloggers have to say. Also, an introduction to more women bloggers from Ecuador and Mexico.

Oaxaca: Photographing the Teacher's Strike

  26 July 2006

Mark in Mexico headed down to the city's Zócolo to assess and photograph ground zero of the teacher's strike. He describes the scene with patent sarcasm: “I took no photos because here is where most of the anarchists, socialists, communists and revolutionary groups have set up shop. There is every...

Mexico: Unresolved and Forgotten Elections

  25 July 2006

Ceci Connolly says that the public at large is starting to lose interest in Mexico's unresolved election. Ana Maria Salazar claims that a recent interview in the New York Times shows that Lopez Obrador is trying to change his image abroad. And political pundit “Enigma” tries to dissect “the fall...

Mexico: Buses Burn in Oaxaca

  25 July 2006

Mark in Mexico says that striking teachers commandeered three city buses in front of Benito Juárez University on Sunday, slashed their tires, and shattered their windows. In an update post, he says one of the buses was burned and that “the respected newpaper Reforma from Mexico City seems to be...

Latin America: Mercorsur Summit

  24 July 2006

The Mercosur summit ended with Hugo and Fidel stealing the limelight says Erwin Cifuentes. Greg Weeks sorts out the implications of Venezuela's new membership in the trade bloc. Finally, Ricardo Carreón argues that Mexico could and should become the trade organizations first non-South American member.

Mexico: The Never-ending Election

  24 July 2006

Alina Rocha Menocal says that “if there is no vote-by-vote recount, the next president risks being haunted by the unfinished business of 2006 throughout his term in office and further alienating an already polarised citizenry.” Boz's Friday poll numbers, however, reveal that “60% [of Mexicans] believe that a full recount...

Mexico: Election Update

  21 July 2006

Various election updates from the usual suspects. Mark in Mexico is shocked that only half a percent of Mexicans living in the United States voted by absentee ballots. Ceci Connolly says López Obrador might have a few surprises in store. And Ana Maria Salazar has her usual rundown of the...

Mexico: The Neverending Election

  20 July 2006

Professor Matthew Shugart posts an excerpt of his interview with Mexico Watch on the Mexican elections. Professor Michelle Dion is skeptical of a “statistical analysis of the 2000 election votes in Mexico.” Mark in Mexico says that things aren't looking good for Lopez Obrador in the case of a recount....

Mexico: AMLO vs. Al Gore

  19 July 2006

Like many others, Wave Making compares this year's election in Mexico with the contested 2000 election in the United States. (Also available in Spanish) Ana Maria Salazar has another thorough summary of the day's news in Mexico.

Mexico: Election Update

  18 July 2006

Ceci Connolly has a thorough update on the state of Mexico's contested election including a recent poll which found that “about 60 percent of Mexicans do not think there should be a recount, while 37 percent believe one should be conducted.” Ana Maria Salazar has a more general update of...

Mexico: “Publicidad a Huevo”

18 July 2006

“Publicidad a huevo” (ES), which means both “publicity, of course” and “egg publicity” is an exceedingly clever pun by Raúl Ramírez about the news that several companies including the American TV network CBS will begin advertising on egg shells.

Mexico: Folklore Festival Postponed

  18 July 2006

Mark in Mexico has an update on the teacher's union standoff in Oaxaca, noting that “the annual Guelaguetza Festival has been “suspended” but would be re-initiated once the labor problems with the teachers’ union is settled.”

Mexico: “Mexico Deserves Better”

  17 July 2006

Ricardo Carreón gives a historical view of Mexico's electoral process and explains why the country deserves better. León Felipe Sánchez, noting the surge in demand for a full recount, worries that the peaceful civil resistance could soon turn violent (ES). Finally, Wave Making makes some interesting Mexican Reflexions from Abroad:...

Mexico: Calderón on Recounts and Speaking English

  14 July 2006

Ceci Connolly points to a Washington Post interview with Felipe Calderón, emphasizing that “he would accept a partial recount but that a complete recount would be ‘absurd’ and illegal.” Ana Maria Salazar clarifies that, although Calderón insisted he needs to practice his English, “we have heard Felipe speak English, a...

Mexico: Oaxaca Teachers Strike and Luis Echevarria

  11 July 2006

Mark in Mexico has an update on the teacher's strike in Oaxaca. Ana Maria Salazar, meanwhile, discusses the dropped genocide charges against former president, Luis Echevarria Alvarez: ” Can we read political intentions in this arrest? The answer is probably yes. However, for those who thought this would help the...