· June, 2006

Stories about Mexico from June, 2006

Spain: Music: CC Licensed Compilation

  29 June 2006

Eduardo Arcos and Fernando Casale both comment on the release of a Creative Commons-licensed compilation by the Spanish newspaper El País. The album is freely available for download.

Mexico: More on the electoral use of welfare

  29 June 2006

Michelle Dion says that “the use of social welfare for political gain is nothing new” in Mexico, an observation supported by two recent studies that suggest the Oportunidades program has been politically manipulated by local governments.

Global Food Blog Report #22

  29 June 2006

#1: Klephblog, no doubt over-caffeinated,  writes "How Coffee changed the Modern World," a great essay about this fruit of the Gods: This wondrous plant is a native of the new world and was sprung on an unsuspecting European public as these shores became colonized in the 15th century. By the...

Mexico: Un Poco de Todo

  27 June 2006

Ana Maria Salazar Slack runs through Mexico's big three stories: the status of negotiations between Oaxacan teachers and the Ministry of the Interior, union strikes by minors, and the campaign trail with less than one week till elections. From Pachuca, Mexico Votes 2006 describes an Institutional Revolutionary Party campaign event.

The State of Creative Commons in Latin America

  26 June 2006

Coauthored by Jose Murilo Junior and David Sasaki Global Voices has become a supporter of Creative Commons licensing not due to ideology, but because our website depends on it. The translations we post, bridging bloggers from different languages and cultures, are modifications of original works, requiring either the author's permission...

Mexico: Teen Engineer Takes Home Three Awards

  22 June 2006

Juan Carreón proudly lists the three awards won by 16-year-old María Estela Godínez Andrade at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ES). The Guanajuato native is designing a reading and writing interface for blind computer users.

Mexico: Teachers Protest in Oaxaca

  20 June 2006

While much of the country remains focused on the daily football happenings across the Atlantic, a small insurrection of protesting teachers and their sympathizers has taken to the streets of Oaxaca demanding for higher pay and the resignation of state governor, Ulises Ruiz Ortiz. Those protests turned violent last Wednesday...

Mexico: Participitory Radio

  16 June 2006

Radio host (and now blogger) Ana Maria Salazar invites readers to participate in an online chat following her Saturday night radio program “Seguridad Total.” Also on Saturday, a gay pride parade in Mexico City.

Mexico: Politics and Cows in Mexico City

  15 June 2006

Boz has posted some pre-election notes from his recent time in Mexico City. In other news from the capital, José Luis López says that Cow Parade – the art phenomenon which started in Zurich – just ended its Mexico City leg and is now headed for Guadalajara. You can see...

Mexico: Three New Presidential Polls

  14 June 2006

Three new fascinating presidential polls have just come out in Mexico. Both the Mitofsky (ES) and Milenio/María de las Hera (ES) polls give Andrés Manuel López Obrador a slight lead over Felipe Calderón, but in the biggest shock, a group called “Mexicans & Americans Thinking Together” say that PRI candidate...

Mexico: Metroblog and Metroguide

13 June 2006

Raúl Ramírez, noting the mushrooming of “metropolitan blogs” in Mexico City, announces the alliance (ES) between Chilanga Banda (ES) and Guía de la Ciudad de México (ES).

Mexico: International Blogger Day

13 June 2006

No one knows how to commemorate themselves quite like bloggers. Tomorrow, Eduardo Arcos notes, is the third annual International Blogger Day, which will be celebrated with a meetup in Mexico City (ES).

Mexico: Xocalatl

12 June 2006

Santiago relates the interesting etymology of everyone's favorite aphrodisiac, chocolate.

Mexico, Brazil: Marketers Score Goal

  12 June 2006

Arturo de Albornoz wonders if Coca-Cola didn't go too far when they turned several bus stops into (ES) goal post facades (with photos). A few days later, de Albornoz finds out that the Pepsi-owned brand “Gauraná Antarctica” one-upped Coca-Cola by engulfing entire bus stops with life sized goal posts (ES).

World Cup: Iran and Mexico

Co-authored by Farid Pouya and David Sasaki As the New York Times World Cup '06 weblog observes, most of the press coverage leading up to Sunday's Iran-Mexico match had little to do with football and much ado about … tense European-Iranian relations. First there were the German Green Party politicians...

Global Food Blog Report #21

  11 June 2006

#1: After almost a month her blog vanished without reasonable explanation, Chef Ines Peña from Caracas, Venezuela is back with her brand new and improved creation: Apuntes de Cocina. Lets head over to her blog and cheer her up a little for her perseverance and the love to share her...

Mexico: Funny World Cup Clips

  10 June 2006

Mexican blogger Rolando Garza hopes for a wonderful World Cup, a wonderfully funny one, that is. If you've been taking the first couple days of play too seriously, then this is the video for you.

Mexico: Who Won Last Night's Presidential Debate?

  7 June 2006

Eduardo Arcos asks his readers “who won last night's presidential debate? So far there's some consensus that Lopez Obrador performed best. Isopixel says that site traffic on Chilanga Banda, which was liveblogging the debate almost doubled during those two hours. In English, Alvaro Ruiz-Navajas and Boz both offer their analysis.