· April, 2006

Stories about Mexico from April, 2006

Mexico: Review of the Debate

  28 April 2006

Dark Diamond Network has a comprehensive and articulate summary of the Mexican presidential debate and how each participant fared.

Mexico: Debate Didn't Change Voters’ Decisions

  28 April 2006

Two polls taken after this week's presidential debate show Felipe Calderón as the winner despite bloggers’ insistence that it was Patricia Mercado who left in best shape. Another poll, however, reveals that 90% of those surveyed did not consider changing their vote after viewing the debate. For more numbers from...

World: Farmer's Market International Parade

  28 April 2006

Melissa De Leon and Elena Hernandez are co-hosting the “The Farmer's Market International Parade” where participants from across the world post photos of their neighborhood markets, which will then be collected and linked to. So far, entries have been received from Venezuela, Mexico, Trinidad, UK and Panama. Entries will be...

Filipino boxer faces tough challenge

  27 April 2006

Jess at The Postman is following the preparations of Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao for his upcoming fight with Mexican Oscar Larios. Jess writes "While Larios is bothered by only one thing — fighting the PACMAN — Pacquiao is hounded by several things. Personal matters, off-boxing commitments, showbiz buzzes and profit-oriented...

Mexico: Paticia Mercado “Wins” First Presidential Debate

  26 April 2006

Eduardo Arcos live-blogged last night's presidential debate in Mexico (ES). Arcos says it was leftist outsider (and blogger), Patricia Mercado who won the debate. Goleech agrees (ES), but says that Felipe Calderón of the conservative PAN party also left in good shape. Boz says that “By not participating in the...

Brazil, Mexico: Landless Workers Movement and Zapatistas

  24 April 2006

The Western Hemisphere Policy Watch blog cites a meeting between the Brazilian NGO, Landless Workers Movement (MST) and the Zapatistas in Southern Mexico as proof “that the international left's designs on the Americas are quite real and very much alive.”

Cooking Pleasures

  22 April 2006

#1: From Caracas, Venezuela: Blog de Zulmy I have just discovered her blog, but it seems to me that she is and will be one of the most active food bloggers from her country! Good for you Zulmy :) Have you heard of Cocoa Tea? An infusion made with the...

Mexico, Spain: WordPress.es and Ferca

  21 April 2006

As they occasionally do, a web2.0 war of words has broken out. When Eduardo Arcos typed in the domain wordpress.es he was redirected (ES) to the weblog of the Ferca Network (ES), a Spanish web company run by David Carrero. Walter of HTML Life defends David (ES) saying that he...

Mexico: Learning Freedom

  19 April 2006

Leon Felipe Sanchez introduces the new weblog, Aprender la Libertad (Learning Freedom) (ES), which he is co-authoring with Ariel Vercelli (ES). The blog continues themes from a book by Vercelli with the same name.

Mexico's Ley Televisa and TV Duopoly

  14 April 2006

Sure, the heated U.S. immigration debate is also being discussed south of the border. But so is another controversy, which could have a lasting impact on the future of media in Mexico, but has hardly been mentioned in the English-language press. The recent reform of a law, which gives more...

Filipino influences in Mexico

  14 April 2006

Spanish trade routes helped the exchange of ideas and influences between the colonies in America and Asia. Milkphish visits Mexico and finds things that originated in the Philippines.

Mexico: “Internet Day”

  13 April 2006

RegioBlogs observes (ES) that May 17th will be “Internet Day” in Mexico, celebrating the 20th year of World Wide Web in the country. Some statistics about internet use in Mexico are listed.

Mexico: Encordados

  11 April 2006

León Felipe Sánchez introduces the Mexican rock band Encordados whose latest album is licensed under Creative Commons and freely available for download.

Mexico, Brazil: Creative Commons Creativity Contest

  10 April 2006

Eduardo Arcos introduces (ES) the first contest of “Mexicommons creativity (ES),” which solicits new works of music, video, animation, and podcasts. The top three winners of each category will be included on the DVD of iSummit '06 to take place this June in Rio de Janeiro.

Mexico: Missing Journalist

10 April 2006

RegioBlogs, Blog.com.mx, and Ernesto are all seeking information about missing journalist Alfredo Jiménez Mota who has not been seen since April 2nd.

Latin America, U.S.: “Border Wars and Truces”

  5 April 2006

Commenting on the U.S. immigration debate, “Sangroncito” notes that Americans can easily take for granted that they are warmly received around Latin America without the costly and invasive process that visiting Latin Americans must endure.

Mexico: Pre-Colombian Prostitution

5 April 2006

The bilingual blog TlacuiloPilo argues that prostitution has existed in Mexico for centuries, concluding that it is “as Mexican as chile, frijoles, or mitotes.”