· February, 2006

Stories about Mexico from February, 2006

Mexico, El Salvador, Peru, Brazil: Poll Numbers

  24 February 2006

Boz has released his now infamous Friday poll numbers from around Latin America. Tim Muth breaks down the numbers in El Salvador which show the two main parties, FMLN and ARENA running neck to neck. Jon at PostHegemony gives more background context to the differences between the FMLN and ARENA.

Mexico, Brazil: Showing of Brazilian Documentary on Bloggers

  23 February 2006

Alfredo Sanchez (ES) and Eduardo Arcos (ES) both post about the free showing of a Brazilian documentary about bloggers and another about cinema clubs this Saturday in Mexico City. More information about both documentaries can be found at Cine Club Bravo, the group hosting the event.

Mexico: Bono Sings “Chiapas-Mexico- No More!!”

  21 February 2006

León Felipe Sánchez says that the crowd went wild at U2's concert in Mexico City's Aztec Stadium when Bono added the lyrics “Chiapas!!! Mexico!!! NO MORE!!!” – referring to Mexico's longstanding Southern conflict – to the legendary song, Sunday Bloody Sunday.

Mexico: Creative Commons and iLaw

  15 February 2006

Eduardo Arcos recently released a podcast (ES) explaining the upcoming workshop, iLaw, which will take place in Mexico City on March 16th and 17th. Arcos and friends also discuss the importance of Creative Commons licenses for online content creators.

Mexico, Cuba: Mexican Media on the Sheraton Cuban Kickout

  14 February 2006

Jefferson Morley takes a survey of of what the Mexican media is saying about the scandal, “el hotelazo” in which the U.S. Treasury Department told the management of the Sheraton hotel in downtown Mexico City to expel 16 Cuban officials who were meeting with U.S. oil executives. A U.S. spokeswoman...

Latin America: New Polls

  6 February 2006

Boz has two posts summing up the latest polls throughout Latin America while Eduardo Avila looks at a new poll in Bolivia which finds overwhelming support for President Evo Morales’ plans to reduce the salaries of politicians.

A Zestful Welcome to the Wonders of the World

  5 February 2006

The best food of a country is the traditional food which has been tried and tested over the centuries. It suits the climate, and uses the best products of that country. We all have long food related memories: the aromas from the kitchens of our childhood remain when many other...

From Geocities to MTYBlogs: The History of Monterrey's Blogosphere

4 February 2006

The following Mexican-centered history of weblogs was first published as a three part series on RegioBlogs by contributor, Dr. Alan Flores. It was translated by Andres Hardrada and David Sasaki and has been edited for brevity and clarity. From last week's Monterrey Bloggers’ reunion at Cafe Paraiso The social and...

Mexico: Judge Sides Against Coke

3 February 2006

Michelle Dion writes about a recent court case in Mexico where a judge ruled that Coke-FEMSA dismissed a worker because of his sexual orientation.