· January, 2006

Stories about Mexico from January, 2006

Mexico: Online Library of Chinese Piracy

  31 January 2006

Wave Making notes that the popular, controversial (and often offensive) blog, Pinches Chinos has celebrated its one year anniversary and takes the occasion to examine the complex feelings Mexicans have towards China. As always, the post is also available in Spanish.

Caribbean: The Taíno & Catholicism

  31 January 2006

Indigenous issues blog Voice of the Taino people links to an article entitled “Christianity, Capitalism, Corporations, and the Myth of Dominion”, noting that the “Roman” Catholic Church still has not properly addressed the call by the Taíno and other Indigenous Peoples world wide for the revocation of the 1493 Inter-Ceatera...

Mexico: Mexican Versus American Nationalism

24 January 2006

Olas Feras notes that it is interesting to read the Mexican-American perspective on the difference between Mexican and American nationalism. The post is also available in Spanish.

USA: Life Thread

  24 January 2006

Los Hilos de la Vida or “Threads of Life” is a group blog by English as a Second Language students in Boonville, California. Every post tells the story of a pictured quilt in the words of each student.

Mexico: Cancún's Restoration

17 January 2006

Both Steve Bridger of afterwilma.info and Danna Harman of the Christian Science Monitor go over Cancún's plans to get back on its feet after Hurricane Wilma devastated the tourist city three months ago.

The Moveable Feast: Eat the World in Ten Blogs

  14 January 2006

#1Have you ever wondered how the soldiers in Iraq spent the holiday season?  This is the day when you will get the scoop, first hand by Chairbone Stranger, an American soldier deployed somewhere very dusty in Iraq. His Christmas eve dinner report will leave you speechless, well, at least for...

Mexico: iLaw México 2006

13 January 2006

León Felipe Sánchez says (ES), “if you're a blogger or interested in starting a blog, you can't afford to miss iLaw México 2006 where you'll get to know the legal implications of dealing with content online, the function of copyright, the tendencies about information technology, and its legal implications.”

Mexico: Bolivia Versus Fox?

  13 January 2006

World News A La Mexicana takes a look at the hostility developing between Bolivia's president-elect, Evo Morales and Mexico's outgoing president, Vicente Fox.

Blogging in Exile

  7 January 2006

The following article was originally written in Spanish by Sebastian Delmont, a Venezuelan native who now lives and blogs in New York City. It was published in the first (and only) issue of Weblog Magazine, but is also available at Delmont's second blog, Zona Geek. Following the article, I will...

Mexico: Post-Wilma Weblog

6 January 2006

Steve Bridger has started a new blog, afterwilma.info in order to document the reconstruction process taking place in Cancún and the Riviera Maya. He explains what inspired the blog on the about page.

Latin America: Public Affection

  6 January 2006

Inspired by Somini Sengupta's New York Times article, Is Public Romance a Right?, Vikrum Sequeira compares societal attitudes towards public affection in India and Latin America.

Mexico: “Ponerle Cuernos” to President Fox

5 January 2006

With glee, AnimalPolitico documents the “putting of the horns” to President Vicente Fox (ES). The quality of the president's penalty kick is also called into question.

Best Literary Weblogs 2005

  5 January 2006

The Best Literary Weblogs 2005 written in Spanish were selected by the members of Blogueratura, the most important directory of literary blogs in Spanish. The directory registers 769 blogs from different Latin American countries, as well as Spain. The award first edition winner was Ánima dispersa, written by Mexican writer,...