· September, 2005

Stories about Mexico from September, 2005

Mexico: Criticizing Mexican Culture

  30 September 2005

Mark in Mexico tries to defend an earlier post in which he was critical of Mexican culture and corruption. Today's post has new examples of cultural deficiency such as unclean ponds on Mexican golf courses.

Mexico: Congressional Independence

28 September 2005

Michelle Dion and Matthew Shugart continue to disagree on the level of legislative independence and its political and electoral effects in Mexico.

Mexico: Chespirito

28 September 2005

Matthias Goodman has an exhaustive post on the career of famed Mexican slap-stick comedian, Chesperito.

Hong Kong: WTO protests

  19 September 2005

Che at Chatter Garden posts an account of the welcome extended by the Mexican goverment to non-government groups staging demonstrations at the WTO in Cancun, 2003. Hong Kong will host a WTO round in November.

Mexican Independence Day

16 September 2005

195 years ago today, in the town of Dolores, Guanajuato, a Catholic priest named Miguel Hidalgo rang the bell of his church and, in a call for Mexican independence, cried out, “Mexicanos, ¡viva México!” That famous and passionate cry is now referred to as the Grito de Dolores or “Cry...

Mexico: Patriotism in Nuevo Laredo

15 September 2005

As Nuevo Laredo gets ready for tonight's “scream of independence,” Google Sightseeing reveals the gigantic Mexican flag at the U.S.-Mexico border.