· June, 2014

Stories about Honduras from June, 2014

The Humanitarian Tragedy of Children Emigrating Alone

  21 June 2014

From Mexico, Katia D'Artigues, author of the blog Campos Elíseos (Champs Elysées), writes about the children who see themselves forced to emigrate on their own [es], and calls this a “humanitarian tragedy”: Son niños que son orillados a cruzar la frontera solos. No lo hacen por aventura, sino porque muchas...

Honduras: Thoughts After the Match Against France

  20 June 2014

The blog Bitácora del párvulo (Prekindergatener log) writes thirty minutes [es] after the match the national team played against the French crew, where the latter scored three times and the Honduran team none: Francia 3, Honduras 0 con tecnología o sin ella. ¡Estamos en el Mundial, señores! ¿Quién les dijo...