· August, 2010

Stories about Honduras from August, 2010

Honduras: Police Brutality Toward Resistance Group

  19 August 2010

Juan Carlos Rivera in Mirada de Halcón provides a personal account [es] (including photographs) of what he calls a police “attack” on a bridge blockade by the Resistance Front (Frente de Resistencia). Juan Carlos says he had to run away to avoid tear gas from police and bullets from civilians;...

Honduras: Blog Community Site

  11 August 2010

Honduras Blogs [en/es] is a new bilingual community site to promote and collect information about the work of Honduran and ex-pat bloggers.

Honduras: Drinking Coffee in Surcagua

  8 August 2010

Irina Vanessa Orellana reminisces about the “power of coffee” to bring friends together in Honduras, as she reminisces about a recent trip about to drink a cup of coffee with some friends in the small town of Surcagua [es] located 20 minutes from Tegucigalpa.

Honduras: Fines for Not Destroying Mosquito Breeding Grounds

  3 August 2010

Dengue fever continues to be a serious health issue in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. David Morán of the blog El Catracho [es] criticizes the decision of the local government to places fines on individuals that do not destroy the places where the mosquitoes breed, saying the money may end being used for...