· April, 2009

Stories about Honduras from April, 2009

Honduras: Commercial Activity in the 1950s

  30 April 2009

Mario Perez of Honduras Hoy [es] takes us back in time to the capital city of Tegucigalpa of the 1950s, with photographs and names of businesses that flourished more than a half of century ago.

Honduras: No Cases of Swine Flu Yet

  28 April 2009

No cases of the swine flu have been reported in Honduras, but with suspected illnesses in neighboring Guatemala, Leonidas Mejia of Janpedrano Blog [es] writes that it may be a matter of time that it reaches his country.

Nicaragua: Protesting Flor de Caña Rum For Poor Working Conditions

  23 April 2009

Groups are protesting the Pellas company, which produces the Flor de Caña rum in Nicaragua because of the health problems reported by its workers said to have been caused by the pesticides used. Barricada [es] posts videos of some of these protest and speeches by some of the movement's leaders.

Honduras: Does the Country Need a New Constitution?

  21 April 2009

Honduran President Manuel Zelaya recently announced that he will ask the people whether or not the country needs a new Constitution. He says yes, but will let the people decide. Some critics believe that Zelaya wants to scrap the current version in order to remain in power indefinitely.