· September, 2007

Stories about Honduras from September, 2007

Honduras: After Hurricane Felix

  12 September 2007

David Moran of El Catracho [ES] writes that after Hurricane Felix, that Hondurans “should not lower their arms during these times, I think that the season for countries in development to be at mercy of Hurricanes do not end here.”

Honduras: Hurricane Felix Creates a Blogstorm

  4 September 2007

A storm of blog entries has appeared as Hurricane Felix approaches the Nicaraguan shore. The most recent computer models show Felix hitting the north shore of Nicaragua, its eye moving inland across the mountainous north of Honduras. Several bloggers in Honduras are bracing for the storm offering suggestions on how to stay safe and assistance after the storm passes.

Barbados, Belize: Hurricane Felix a Cat 5

  3 September 2007

On learning that Hurricane Felix is now a Category 5 storm, Notes From the Margin writes: “Currently, things are not looking great for Honduras or Belize”, while Belize-y Livin’ says: “Felix will be the 2nd Category 5 hurricane to hit Belize in 2 weeks! Yikes! We already have 2,000 homeless...