· August, 2007

Stories about Honduras from August, 2007

Honduras: An Introduction to Honduran Blogs – Part 3

  15 August 2007

Many young Hondurans are blogging now, and personal blogs in Spanish abound. These defy being pigeon-holed into categories. Many entries are about anything or nothing in particular, the latest movie trailers, family stories, and even raunchy ads. In Part 3 of this introduction to the Honduran blogosphere, the focus is on blogs about personal and everyday topics.

Honduras: Open Sidewalks in San Pedro Sula

7 August 2007

La Gringa's Blogocito writes about San Pedro Sula's achievement of relocating the street vendors that had previously occupied the city sidewalks, and “many people couldn't get used to the idea of walking on the sidewalks and continued to walk in the street.”