· October, 2006

Stories about Honduras from October, 2006

Honduras, Uganda: Kiva Microfinancing

  31 October 2006

Global Voices readers are surely dedicated to staying informed about the rest of the world. But the Internet can also enable us to make positive change. “La Gringa” describes how Kiva lets internet users invest in microcrediting loans around the world. Just two days after writing about Honduran loan applicants...

Honduras: Maradona's Visit

  25 October 2006

Boby's Blog is excited by the fact that football star Diego Maradona is visiting Honduras [ES], but embarrassed by the behavior of the press: “Does anyone here in Honduras know how to organize a press conference? All of the journalists were asking questions at the same time … and the...

El Salvador, Honduras: Island Dispute

  20 October 2006

Tim Muth links to some excellent resources to better understand the newest land dispute between El Salvador and Honduras, this time over the uninhabited island of Conejo in the Gulf of Fonseca. Muth facetiously comments, “perhaps it is for just such disputes that El Salvador needs to have its high...

Honduras: How to make tortillas

  19 October 2006

La Gringa gives a lesson in bi-national cuisine; a step-by-step explanation of how to make “Honduran-American tortillas.”