· May, 2014

Stories about El Salvador from May, 2014

Analyzing Media in El Salvador

  20 May 2014

Salvadorean blog Colectivo de análisis de la realidad compiles and comments on its Media analysis on May 12, 2014 [es] the main news on printed and digital media that date in El Salvador. The blog carries out this analysis almost on a daily basis. The post reviewed here was part...

News Coverage with Drones in El Salvador

  19 May 2014

In a piece published on Global Post, Jaime Stark notes how in many Latin American countries it's very frequent to use unmanned aerialvehicle, known as drones, for news coverage. In United States, however, using drone for news and other commercial ends is banned. He writes: [In Holy Week in El...

Where Did the Blogs from El Salvador Go?

  13 May 2014

Hunnapuh remembers [es] his first steps on the world of blogs along woth other pioneer bloggers in El Salvador, and reflects that “from all those bloggers, there are very few who are still relatively constant […] today, everything is accelerated and has to be said with 140 characters, this is...