· July, 2011

Stories about El Salvador from July, 2011

El Salvador: Educating About ‘Machismo’

  22 July 2011

Olivia blogs about ‘machismo’ in her blog She Responded, saying she will never get used to “the culture of sexism and objectification of women” she sees every day in El Salvador. She also describes a workshop on gender equality she led with a local social worker.

El Salvador: Human Chain in San Salvador to Demand Dignified Housing

  18 July 2011

On Saturday, July 16, “a human chain stretched more than 2 kilometers through San Salvador to emphasize the type of human solidarity needed to resolve the tragedy of marginalized housing conditions. Residents of marginalized communities are locking hands with university students, middle class activists, youths and others in a chain...

El Salvador: The Challenges of Urbanization

  12 July 2011

Voices from El Salvador says that urbanization is becoming “increasingly problematic, specifically in terms of poverty, violence and health. […] El Salvador does not have the necessary mechanisms in place to offer everyone in the cities the resources and services they need to pursue a better life.”

El Salvador: Police Raid Organization for At-Risk Youth

  8 July 2011

Voices From El Salvador blogs about a police raid in “PROCOMES, the Center for Training for Local Development and Economic Solidarity, […] a civil society organization that works with at-risk youth.” 35 individuals were arrested. The post concludes: “The Salvadoran government has taken steps in the past to fight police...