· February, 2008

Stories about El Salvador from February, 2008

El Salvador: Charges Reduced to Public Disorder

  18 February 2008

Tim's El Salvador Blog writes that the charges of terrorism are being reduced to “public disorder” for the individuals, who were arrested during demonstrations against the water policy of President Tony Saca.

El Salvador: Funes Seeking Support of Indigenous Communities

  8 February 2008

The presidential candidate for the FMLN, Mauricio Funes, is seeking the support of the indigenous communities in El Salvador. Mundo Farabundista [es] writes that Funes recently visited the town of Izalco, which has been considered a strong supporter of the rival ARENA party.

El Salvador: Surviving a Gunshot Wound

  8 February 2008

Rafael Monge writes about the continued crime spree in El Salvador and speculates that one would have a better chance of surviving a gunshot in his country, than in Finland [es]. Why? Because Salvadoran doctors would have more experience treating this type of wound.