· January, 2008

Stories about El Salvador from January, 2008

El Salvador: Private Citizen's Data

  24 January 2008

A recent newspaper article stated that the private data of all citizens of El Salvador is contained in a database belonging to a Guatemalan company. Hunnapuh [es] provides some tips, some extreme, to hide in a clandestine fashion, including,

El Salvador: Murder of Mayor of Alegría

  14 January 2008

Hunnapuh [es] writes about the murder of the mayor of Alegría in El Salvador. Upon his election as mayor, Wilmer Moises Funes of the FMLN published a website listing irregularities found in the administration of the previous mayor from the ARENA party. Funes later received death threats and some think...

Central America: Nations to Form a Union?

  9 January 2008

Could the Central American nations form a united Central American union? Aaron Ortiz of Pensieve provides a little bit of historical background on the region and links to several organizations that work across the region.

El Salvador: The Popularity of Funes

  9 January 2008

David Holiday of Central America and Beyond compares Salvadoran presidential candidate Mauricio Funes of FMLN to the “rock-star status” of Barack Obama due to how Funes is being received by the electorate.