· October, 2007

Stories about El Salvador from October, 2007

El Salvador: Funes Under the Watchful Eye of ARENA

  25 October 2007

Hunnapuh [ES] welcomes FMLN presidential candidate, Mauricio Funes, “to hell” in reference to the following 18 months where he will be under the microscope of the opposition party ARENA prior to the next election in El Salvador.

El Salvador: Bloggers and Journalists

  15 October 2007

The intersection points of blogging and journalism are many and varied in El Salvador. Journalists are bloggers. Bloggers write about journalists and vice versa. Although El Salvador is a country where most people can't spend significant amounts of time online, the ever-growing number of bloggers in El Salvador is starting to influence public debate.

El Salvador: Mauricio Funes, FMLN Candidate

  1 October 2007

Tim Muth writes about the official announcement that journalist Mauricio Funes will be the FMLN candidate for the 2009 president elections in El Salvador, and that, “It will take all of Funes’ media skills to combat the well-financed media campaign which ARENA is sure to mount.”