· May, 2007

Stories about El Salvador from May, 2007

El Salvador: Preliminary Census Figures

  31 May 2007

Early returns from the first Salvadoran census since 1992 have found that there are less citizens in the country than expected. Tim Muth provides the prediction that “you can expect the ARENA government to spin this as good news — it means a greater per capita income statistic when you...

What Salvadoran bloggers are saying — about a war-like political campaign

  22 May 2007

There are 22 months to go before the March 2009 elections for President and National Assembly in El Salvador, but already the campaign is a major theme in the Salvadoran blogosphere. The current round of comments were triggered by a political rally led by president Tony Saca, where he made comments which many described as "war-like."

El Salvador: Planned or Spontaenous Violence in the Capital

  16 May 2007

San Salvador recently witnessed events of violence during clashes between market vendors and the police during an operation trying to displace “illegal” places of sale. The conflict caused some bloggers to worry about what might come, such as Hunnapuh [ES], who wonders whether the violence was spontaneous or planned. “I...

El Salvador: The New Census

  10 May 2007

Tim's El Salvador Blog writes about the national census that will begin on May 12. An extensive publicity campaign was launched to collect data, the first since 1992, when the civil war ended.

El Salvador: “War on Terrorism” Marks

  3 May 2007

Tim Muth's El Salvador Blog links to the recent US State Department's Country Report on Terrorism and how El Salvador has participated. There is some worry that the broad definition of terrorism in the country's anti-terrorism law may place other non-related activities, such as protests, liable for harsh penalties.