· February, 2007

Stories about El Salvador from February, 2007

Guatemala, El Salvador: A Web of Corruption and Murder

  27 February 2007

“The recent case of the open assassination of three prominent Salvadoran politicians and their driver in Guatemala provides a dramatic snapshot. It's shone a light on the criminal justice system in Guatemala; and the state of relations between El Salvador and Guatemala.” writes Patrick Hall. Tim Muth has also been...

El Salvador: ANDA and the Perla scandal

  13 February 2007

Tim Muth continues his “Water for El Salvador” series by taking a look at the country's water utility including the 1990's corruption scandal which just recently brought about the extradition of Carlos Perla who now awaits charges for embezzlement.

El Salvador: Lost Economist

  7 February 2007

Ethel from San Salvador is now officially an economist. But where to from here? “I know I wanna make positive changes in my society, in my country, etc, etc, etc, that is why I joined and mostly why I've stayed in AIESEC. My real problem is that I haven't find...

El Salvador: Ensuring Safe and Dependable Water

  6 February 2007

Tim Muth has started another excellent series, this time on issues affecting El Salvador's supply of safe and dependable drinking water. So far, the first post introduces the issues and the second describes the importance of water in the words of Monseñor Eduardo Alas, Bishop of the Diocese of Chalatenango.

El Salvador, Mexico: Hike in Corn Prices

  2 February 2007

Tim's El Salvador Blog takes a look at a variety of economic news stories focused on El Salvador including the rise in corn prices. That rise is also affecting Mexico, writes radio host Ana Maria Salazar: “The Governor of the Bank of Mexico, Guillermo Ortiz Martínez, said that an emergency...