· January, 2007

Stories about El Salvador from January, 2007

What Salvadoran bloggers are saying — about the new year

  8 January 2007

Salvadoran bloggers begin 2007 with a call for realism when looking at the situation facing the country. There was considerable reaction to the end of the year statements(es) of the president, Tony Saca, who asserted that the economy was growing very healthily and declared that 2007 was to be the...

El Salvador: Poll reflects Salvadorans views of democracy

  5 January 2007

Tim Muth takes a look at some of the results from the recent annual Latinobarometro poll and concludes that “the significant lack of satisfaction with government in El Salvador makes the ARENA government susceptible to defeat at the polls in 2009. Yet there is no evidence at all that a...