· June, 2006

Stories about El Salvador from June, 2006

El Salvador: Gay Pride and Gay Issues

  27 June 2006

Observing that “dozens of gay and lesbian protesters marched today in a Gay Pride March in San Salvador,” Tim Muth links to some background context on gay issues in El Salvador. Meg also writes about “Salvadoran Gay Pride.”

What Salvadoran bloggers are saying – World Cup and d'Aubuisson

  25 June 2006

There is only one subject that almost all Salvadoran bloggers have mentioned recently — the World Cup. Although El Salvador had no team in Germany, that did not matter as blogging fans noted the start of the great world tournament. Ligia at Que Joder has perhaps the best post (es)...

El Salvador: “Defending the ILEA”

Tim Muth says that the controversy surrounding the “International Law Enforcement Academy (ILEA) which will use US personnel to provide training of police, judges and prosecutors from around Latin America” is not a simple matter.

El Salvador: Rainy Season

16 June 2006

Tim Muth says that “El Salvador is nervously greeting the regular storms of the rainy season.” Laura, based in Ahuachapán, has the photographic evidence.

Bahamas, El Salvador: Lessons from El Salvador

  14 June 2006

On the occasion of a visit to the Bahamas by Francisco Flores, former president of El Salvador, Larry Smith offers an overview of the country's recent political history and recently achieved economic success, calling it “a message that many Bahamian leaders are seeking to come to grips with as we...

What Salvadoran bloggers are saying — about Tony Saca

  11 June 2006

The president of El Salvador, Tony Saca, presented a report on the first two years of his administration to the Salvadoran National Assembly on June 1. Jjmar at the Hunnapuh blog watched the proceedings and wrote with disappointment (es) about the conduct of the opposition FMLN legislators listening to Saca....

Latin America: World Cup Weblogs

  9 June 2006

In addition to José Luis Orihuela's list of weblogs in Spanish dedicated solely to the World Cup, Colombian blogger Blue Elephant will be writing contributing to the football poetry at fulbo.net. Finally, from El Salvador, “Hunnapuh” took a look at site statistics to find that page views were extraordinarily low...

Latin America: Friday Poll Numbers

  9 June 2006

Boz's Friday poll numbers this week show the neck to neck race in Mexico presidential race as well as an electoral map from Peru's recent election.

El Salvador: Review of Salvadoran Blogs

2 June 2006

Soy Salvadoreño has another review of Salvadoran blogs (ES) to emerge since his first introduction (ES). Judging from the comments, it seems that a real sense of blog community is starting to take root.

Central America: A Ride for the Climate

  2 June 2006

David, a cyclist who has been riding through Central America on his Ride for the Climate has arrived in Colombia where he posts a summary of the first half of his trip with links to videos and pasts entries. Ahead: Colombia, Venezuela, and Brazil.