· May, 2006

Stories about El Salvador from May, 2006

What Salvadoran bloggers are saying — violence and generals

  27 May 2006

The high levels of violence in the country continue without solutions. Much of the violence is tied to gang activity. Blogger Hunnapuh notes that pressured by the business sector, which fears that foreign investment will avoid a country with high levels of violence, president Tony Saca has finally recognized that...

El Salvador: Violence, Economics

  25 May 2006

The blog of “El Salvador/CNY Companion Diocese” reports that there were twenty two murders in El Salvador just on Sunday and Monday of this week. “The government claims to have deterred violence in many different locations. The numbers don't support their assertion.” Tim Muth posts an excerpt of the IMF's...

El Salvador, Peru, Mexico, Chile: Internet Day

  19 May 2006

May 17th was “El Día de Internet,” or “Internet Day” in Latin America and several bloggers offered homages to the World Wide Web. From El Salvador, Hunnapuh asks [ES] “but really, what is the significance of the internet?” A commenter at BlogsPeru remarks that just around the corner is “International...

Guatemala, Honduras, Ecuador, El Salvador: Mining Controversies

  12 May 2006

Gold prices are quickly approaching an all-time high which has inspired a new boom in prospecting around Central and South America. The Honduras News Blog asks if gold mines are good or bad for Honduras, while the Guatemala Solidarity Network continues coverage on the Marlin mine in San Marcos, Guatemala,...

El Salvador, Argentina: On Book Fairs

  9 May 2006

Soy Salvadoreño was impressed with the low prices (ES) at the Universidad Centroamericana book fair in San Salvador. Jeff Barry went to the Book Fair at La Rural in Buenos Aires where he observed that the media company Grupo Clarín “obviously hired models to work the Clarín booths, which seemed...

El Salvador: Cycling, Pro and Otherwise

  4 May 2006

Tim Muth says the eight day pro cycling race Vuelta a El Salvador is currently underway. Meanwhile, a cyclist named David is riding through Central America and blogging his journey at A Ride for the Climate.