· April, 2006

Stories about El Salvador from April, 2006

What Salvadoran bloggers are saying — abortion and gay marriage

29 April 2006

A variety of issues have been discussed in the Salvadoran blogosphere in past weeks. Much discussion went to Jack Hitt's article in the April 9, 2006 Sunday New York Times Magazine titled Pro-Life Nation. In the article, Hitt describes El Salvador's complete criminalization of abortion which includes the prosecution and...

Honduras, El Salvador: Defining Boundaries

  27 April 2006

Honduras News and Tim's El Salvador Blog both mention the finalized agreement between El Salvador and Honduras over the border dividing the two countries. The decision closes an unfinished chapter of the 1969 “Soccer War.”

El Salvador: Pro Life Nation

  27 April 2006

Writing from Antartica, J. Allbritton offers his thoughts on an article by Jack Hitt regarding El Salvador's strict anti-abortion laws. Tim Muth also recently commented on the article, inspiring various impassioned comments.

El Salvador: Easter in Juayúa

19 April 2006

Ethel, who describes herself as a tourist in her own country, posts some pictures of Semana Santa from the town of Juayúa.

Honduras, El Salvador: The Soccer Wars of 1969

  11 April 2006

“On July 14, 1969, Honduras and El Salvador went to war. The 100 hour war took 6000 lives, 12,000 were wounded, and 50,000 people rendered homeless The cause was ostensibly the World Cup matches between Honduras and El Salvador qualifying for Mexico '70.” Shourin Roy gives context to the tragedy...

El Salvador: McDonald's in El Salvador

4 April 2006

Tim Muth documents a December court judgement which rewarded a McDonald's franchisee $24 million in damages from the “Golden Arches,” noting that “some will view it as a sign that El Salvador's legal system is not ready to protect the rights of foreign investors. Others will view it as a...

What Salvadoran bloggers are saying — echoes of the past

  1 April 2006

The past two weeks have seen much discussion in the Salvadoran blogosphere about crimes committed during the civil war in El Salvador which continue to have considerable impact on the society. In particular, bloggers explored considerations of impunity and historical memory arising from the assassination of Oscar Romero and disappearances...