· March, 2006

Stories about El Salvador from March, 2006

El Salvador: Dollars and Donuts

30 March 2006

Rob Mercatante, usually based in Guatemala, just got back from a trip to El Salvador. Here are his reflections on dollarization and donuts.

El Salvador: Hunger Strike in Chalatenango

  29 March 2006

Writing from Chalatenango, El Salvador, Jesse Stewart says that 26 people representing 100 communities have occupied a Cathedral there to protest, among other issues, the disappearance of Erlinda and Ernestina Cruz during “Operation Cleansing” of June 1982.

El Salvador: Electoral Disorganization

  22 March 2006

In a comprehensive analysis of the recent elections, U.S-El Salvador Sister Cities argues that on “an objective level, it is important to signal the breakdown of the institutionality of these elections, beginning with campaigns that kicked off far before the stipulated start dates, woeful disorganization on election day (indelible ink...

What Salvadoran bloggers are saying — post-election edition

  20 March 2006

El Salvador held elections on Sunday, March 12, and almost every Salvadoran blogger has had something to say about the process. The elections saw ARENA make gains in the national legislature while the FMLN held its own. ARENA also made gains in controlling the mayor's office in many cities. But...

El Salvador: Closely Contested Mayoral Race

  13 March 2006

Early this morning, Tim Muth posted the initial results of yesterday's election in El Salvador: “Across the country, ARENA appears to have won 33 seats in the National Assembly versus 32 seats for the FMLN.” He then posts that in the San Salvador mayoral race Violeta Menjivar trails Rodrigo Samayoa...

What Salvadoran bloggers are saying — pre-elections

  10 March 2006

National elections for mayors and deputies to the National Assembly will be held on March 12, so much of the commentary in the Salvadoran blogosphere was political in the past two weeks. Blogs in Spanish One theme of bloggers was a plea for voters to disregard propaganda and television advertising...

Colombia, El Salvador: Sunday Elections

  10 March 2006

Both Colombia and El Salvador are off to the polls on Sunday for congressional elections. This prompts Adam Isacson to post a translation of a who's who chart of Colombian candidates, their parties, and their main positions. Hunnapuh, on the other hand, has a far less serious list of “tips...

El Salvador: Elections on Sunday

  9 March 2006

Tim Muth has asked five Salvadoran bloggers for their predictions on this Sunday's elections. Their answers were almost unanimous. U.S. – El Salvador Sister Cities has a good description of a building movement against the Central American free trade agreement.

¡Feliz Día de la Mujer!

  9 March 2006

You certainly don't need to speak Spanish to feel the raised hairs on your neck as you watch this moving video, edited by Argentine blogger Malearg, which recounts the progress and achievements made by women across the globe. Erwin of The Latin Americanist points out that this year has brought...