· February, 2006

Stories about El Salvador from February, 2006

What Salvadoran bloggers are saying – politics and nostalgia

  27 February 2006

El Salvador is in the midst of a very spirited campaign season leading to the election of mayors and National Assembly deputies on March 12. The campaigning has produced a great deal of commentary in the Salvadoran blogosphere in the past two weeks. Blogs in Spanish Ligia at El Salvador...

Mexico, El Salvador, Peru, Brazil: Poll Numbers

  24 February 2006

Boz has released his now infamous Friday poll numbers from around Latin America. Tim Muth breaks down the numbers in El Salvador which show the two main parties, FMLN and ARENA running neck to neck. Jon at PostHegemony gives more background context to the differences between the FMLN and ARENA.

El Salvador: Interview with Leslie Schuld

14 February 2006

Tim Muth recommends to his readers that they listen to an interview with Leslie Schuld, executive director of the Centro de Intercambio y Solidaridad.

El Salvador: Rufina Amaya

14 February 2006

Meg photographs her tour of El Mozote, where a tragic massacre took place in 1981 and remembers Rufina Amaya, a villager who escaped the massacre while soldiers killed her husband, son, and three daughters.

What Salvadoran Bloggers are Saying

11 February 2006

This is the first in a new series of biweekly articles looking at what bloggers are saying from El Salvador and about El Salvador. Every two weeks I'll take a look at what you can find in the Salvadoran “blogosphere.” The universe of Salvadoran blogs is fairly young. One of...

El Salvador: Election analysis

8 February 2006

With just a month left until El Salvador's elections, Tim looks at the polls to find, among other things, that current president Tony Saca has a 76% rate of approval of those surveyed.

Latin America: New Polls

  6 February 2006

Boz has two posts summing up the latest polls throughout Latin America while Eduardo Avila looks at a new poll in Bolivia which finds overwhelming support for President Evo Morales’ plans to reduce the salaries of politicians.

A Zestful Welcome to the Wonders of the World

  5 February 2006

The best food of a country is the traditional food which has been tried and tested over the centuries. It suits the climate, and uses the best products of that country. We all have long food related memories: the aromas from the kitchens of our childhood remain when many other...