· December, 2005

Stories about Dominican Republic from December, 2005

Cuba, Dominican Republic, USA: World Baseball Classic

  16 December 2005

Steven Mansour asks for the justification for not allowing Cuba's baseball team to play in the inaugural World Baseball Classic. Meanwhile, World Baseball Classic Blog says that New York-born Alex Rodriguez is currently leaning towards playing with the Dominican Republic team instead of the U.S. team in the tournament.

Dominican Republic: Capital Punishment

14 December 2005

Though both angry, Annie Sánchez from the Dominican Republic and Jason Shattles from the United States offer two very different reactions to the death of California former gang member, Stanley Williams.

Cuba, Caribbean: Tourism and Imperialism

  2 December 2005

wayne&wax takes aim at a recent article in the New York Times about Cuba's burgeoning tourist industry in which Ian Schrager describes Jamaica and the Dominican Republic as “atolls” compared to Cuba's “distinct personality.”