· September, 2010

Stories about Cuba from September, 2010

Cuba: “En Practica”

  30 September 2010

In the wake of massive public sector layoffs, how exactly are the rules for proposed self-employment going to work? Generation Y says: “Like a repertoire of destitution and dependency, this enumeration of private work seems more in tune with a feudal village than a 21st century country”, while El Yuma...

  24 September 2010

In half-wired [EN], blogger and researcher Ellery Roberts Biddle interviews Cuban blogger Elaine Díaz: “…my conversation with her may have been one of the most enlightening exchanges I’ve ever had about Cuba.”

  19 September 2010

In Destino Cuba [ES], blogger Carlos Manuel Álvarez Rodríguez writes about the concert Cuban singer and songwriter Silvio Rodríguez offered in Havana dedicated to the bicentennial of Chile's independence: “Something is always absent in concerts. There is a desire to capture everything, but this is impossible in a theater with...

Cuba: Cutting 500,000 Jobs

  14 September 2010

On the heels of Fidel Castro's admission (and subsequent retraction) that the Cuban economic model no longer works, the government has announced [ES] that it intends to cut massive numbers of state jobs, in an effort to breathe some life into the island's struggling economy. Cuban bloggers discuss the measures.

Yoani Sanchez denied another traveling visa

  13 September 2010

Cuban blogger Yoani Sanchez tweets about another visa refusal for traveling, this time to receive the World Press Freedom Hero Award in Vienna, Austria. And it seems unlikely she could attend the Internet for Peace conference (New York City, Sept. 21), a global initiative aimed at supporting the Internet as...

Cuba: Change the Model

  9 September 2010

Of Fidel Castro's admission during an interview that the Cuban economic model doesn't work, Along the Malecon says: “Most of 11 million Cubans endure great economic hardship because the Cuban economy does not work. Castro should not only acknowledge that, as he evidently did, he should take bold steps to...

Cuba: Our Lady's Birthday

  9 September 2010

“Yesterday, many Guantanamo residents and Cubans in general celebrated the nativity of Our Lady of Charity (Caridad del Cobre), the mother and patron saint of Cuba since 1916″: Havana Times reports.

Getting to Know the Global Voices Latin America Team

  8 September 2010

The Global Voices Latin America team of volunteer authors has grown over the past three years. During this transition and the presentation of a new Regional Editor, Silvia Viñas, let's take a look at the diverse community of committed bloggers from this region.

Cuba: Prince Claus Award

  7 September 2010

Generation Y blogs about the “great surprise” of receiving the 2010 Prince Claus Award, saying: “I’m only going to focus on the satisfactions: the growing alternative blogosphere, the cracks that have opened in the wall, the Podcast I just inaugurated a few weeks ago, and all the text messages I’ve...

Cuba: Castro's Speech

  6 September 2010

As Fidel Castro delivers a speech to students on the steps of the University of Havana, Uncommon Sense says that the speech only mattered “because it gives the world a chance to remember and honor three real Cuban heroes: Luis Labrador, Eduardo Pérez and Michel Rodríguez.”

Cuba: Press Freedom Hero

  3 September 2010

El Yuma and Along the Malecon celebrate the news that Yoani Sanchez has been named “the 60th and final World Press Freedom Hero by the International Press Institute.”

Cuba: Internet Access

  2 September 2010

Luis Felipe Rojas “can’t help but wonder about how, in the 21st century, an island that is so close to the country which exhibits the greatest digital advancement, can be traveling in the opposite direction.”

Cuba: The Mother's Experience

  1 September 2010

Isbel Diaz Torres, writing at Havana Times, says that “at the very moment the expecting mother enters the Cuban system of pregnancy attention, she ceases to be the principal figure in the management of her own problems, priorities and interests.”