· August, 2010

Stories about Cuba from August, 2010

Cuba: Same Old Song

  31 August 2010

The imprisonment of three Cuban dissidents who were during a protest at the University of Havana proves to Uncommon Sense that “despite its release of some dozen members of the ‘Group of 75′ prisoners, the Castro dictatorship has not changed.”

Caribbean: “Earl” Watch

  30 August 2010

It's that time again: Hurricane season. Regional bloggers, having been affected by brutal storms in the past, are keeping a watchful eye on Hurricane Earl, which has now been classified as a Category 3 storm. Within the next 36 to 48 hours, it is expected to affect the U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico, among other islands.

Cuba: Naming Names

  30 August 2010

“After all the hubbub about Cuba agreeing to release 52 political prisoners in jail since the ‘black spring’ crackdown of March-April 2003, there still remain in prisons across the island 21 members of the Group of 75″: Uncommon Sense posts their names.

Latin America: Blogging at Los Superdemokraticos

  30 August 2010

Coinciding with several Bicentennial Independence celebrations in Latin America, from June to October 2010 German and Latin American bloggers [es] will be writing for Los Superdemokraticos about their “daily lifes [sic] in international political contexts.” Posts are published in German and Spanish; five texts are translated into English each month.

Cuba: Interrogation

  30 August 2010

Luis Felipe Rojas blogs about his detainment by the Cuban authorities and says: “I think about the path that has brought this country the totalitarian power that is eating away at itself. What will be my next punishment?”

Cuba: Double Standard

  27 August 2010

“On one hand they release some dissidents from prison, on the other those who attempt to say ‘I disagree’ get shoved behind bars”: Crossing the Barbed Wire comments on “the double standard policy assiduously practiced by the government as part of its greater foreign policy.”

Cuba: Censorship, Technology and Memory

  26 August 2010

George Gautier writes [es] about censorship in Cuba. He says that technology has helped leak some things, but he hopes that someone is keeping track of everything that is happening in Cuba so that nothing will be lost.

Cuba: Blogger Arrested

  24 August 2010

Uncommon Sense and Blog for Cuba report on the arrest of blogger Luis Felipe Rojas Rosabal, with the former saying that the authorities are “especially persistent with its repression towards the more accomplished chroniclers of the reality of life in Cuba today.”

Cuba: Empty or Full?

  23 August 2010

“The truth is the rules of democracy and human rights agreements are instruments against which the government in Havana holds grudges”: Iván's File Cabinet wouldn't be surprised if Cuban prisons were to be filled once again.

Cuba: Youth in Prison

  19 August 2010

Iván's File Cabinet blogs about the majority of “common (non-political) prisoners in Cuba [being] black or mestizo”, saying: “The environment in which these youths grow up is fertile ground for delinquency. The worst part [is] that the Cuban State doesn’t have a solution for the problem of a society that...

Cuba: Same Old?

  18 August 2010

As U.S. President Obama prepares to reconsider the travel ban on Cuba, Uncommon Sense says: “Before he does so, he might want to consider the assessment of the three prisoners who were released this week.”

Cuba: About the Law

  17 August 2010

Iván's File Cabinet tells the story of the Teófilo family, whose patriarch, in light of eviction threats from the authorities, is convinced that “his biggest crime was to try to have a prosperous life”; Laritza's Laws, meanwhile, reports on an unprecedented legal matter involving the incumbent Minister of Justice.

Cuba: Walking a Fine Line

  16 August 2010

“Although there is some level of tolerance towards the independent press and the opposition, permissiveness should not be confused with impunity”: Iván García attends his meeting with the Cuban authorities and reports that when it comes to independent journalists, “there is a fine line that cannot be crossed.”

Cuba: He's Back

  13 August 2010

“Fidel Castro’s return to public life after a four-year absence provokes conflicting emotions here”: Generation Y and Havana Times blog about his reappearance.

Cuba: Marching in Memory

  13 August 2010

Cuban bloggers discuss the harassment of Reina Luisa Tamayo, as she makes attempts to organise commemoration marches to the grave of her son, political prisoner Orlando Zapata Tamayo.

Cuba: Same Old?

  11 August 2010

“Following the release of 21 political prisoners, the Cuban government insists on reminding the dissidents and independent journalists that they will continue their repressive policies”: Laritza Diversent blogs about the summoning of “independent journalist Iván García for an interview.”

Cuba: Prisoner of Words

  10 August 2010

“I am a man who writes. Being a journalist in a closed society is the task of either an adventurer or a lunatic”: Iván García learns that he is “of interest” to Cuban State Security, buts says, “I don’t keep any secrets. I have not committed any crimes. In the...

Cuba: Interview with Fidel

  9 August 2010

Havana Times blogs about tonight's upcoming interview with ex Cuban President Fidel Castro, in which he will reportedly discuss “the threats of a US-Israeli war against Iran, the tense situation between Colombia and Venezuela, the Case of the Cuban Five and global environmental challenges.”

Cuba: No Smoking

  4 August 2010

Despite the fact that Generation Y is a non-smoker, she has been diagnosed with emphysema, prompting her to comment: “The resolution to protect those who don’t smoke is strict and very modern, but in practice it only worked for a couple of weeks…I feel like buying myself a dozen of...