· July, 2010

Stories about Cuba from July, 2010

Cuba: Economic Effects

  30 July 2010

“The unemployment phenomenon, which is vehemently denied by high officials in the government, is nothing new”: Iváns File Cabinet uses the example of Cuba's only telecommunications company to illustrate its effects.

Caribbean: New Memoirs

  28 July 2010

Repeating Islands blogs about the release of two memoirs: by editor Diana Athill, who worked with V.S. Naipaul and Jean Rhys, and by Fidel Castro.

Cuba: July 26

  26 July 2010

Cuban bloggers have their say about the observance of the July 26th anniversary of the military action that began the Cuban Revolution.

Cuba: remembering Zapata Tamayo

  23 July 2010

Uncommon Sense argues that the recent release of Cuban dissidents was triggered by the death of activist Orlando Zapata Tamayo in early 2010, after a hunger strike. “Events of the past five months, culminating with the release of the 20 prisoners and the promised release of others, have proven that...

Cuba: Capitol stories

  23 July 2010

Generation Y writes that the historic Capitol building in Havana “has suffered the fate of the castigated” and hopes that it “will become — one day — the site of the Cuban parliament: a magnificent building that houses real debates.”

Cuba: Future of “Las Damas”

  19 July 2010

Now that certain political prisoners are being released in Cuba, Along the Malecon wonders about the future of Las Damas de Blanco: “In what form will [the group] continue to exist? How many members…will drop out once their love ones are freed?”

Cuba: Looking In from the Outside

  16 July 2010

Generation Y tells the story “a Communist Party member, academic, and specialist on issues relating to the United States, [who] had the dangerous idea of writing an article against corruption”, saying: “Those ousted eventually realize that those they used to consider the ‘enemy,’ could at some point prove to be...

Cuba: A Different Kind of Prison?

  15 July 2010

The Cuban Triangle wants to know: “Are the releases unconditional? Spanish officials and Church authorities say they are. We will know for sure in due course, as we’re beginning to see reports that some of the prisoners are saying they want to remain in Cuba.”

Cuba: Biscet Stays

  14 July 2010

“Oscar Elias Biscet, perhaps the best-known political prisoner in the Cuban gulag, has refused to take exile in Spain as a condition of his release from prison”: Uncommon Sense reports.

Cuba: True Freedom

  13 July 2010

Uncommon Sense applauds the political prisoners who “refuse ‘freedom’ if it means having to leave Cuba” saying: “They are the ones who are truly free.”

Cuba: No Real Progress?

  13 July 2010

Blog for Cuba comments on a statement from the Vatican with regard to the “progress” taking place on the island: “I ask which of Cuba's repressive laws has been rescinded? None, absolutely none, and a maneuvered release and exile of dissidents is an old ploy used by the regime to...

Cuba: Ready for Release?

  8 July 2010

As news circulates of Cuba's intention to release 52 political prisoners, Guillermo Fariñas, who has gone on a hunger strike to protest the detainment of 25 prisoners of conscience that he says "the homeland needs as leaders", is reportedly close to death.