· January, 2010

Stories about Cuba from January, 2010

Cuba, Haiti: The Time to Help

  16 January 2010

“It especially frightens me that three months from now the suffering will no longer be a headline in any newspaper and people will have ceased to feel the urgency of the Haitian drama. I am afraid that we become accustomed to the misery and harden our hearts to the tragedy,...

Haiti, Cuba: Cooperation

  16 January 2010

Espas Ayisyen Toulouse posted a long speech [Fr] by Fidel Castro, who states his pride at the historical cooperation in the field of medical studies between Cuba and Haiti.

Cuba: Diaz Passes On

  13 January 2010

Repeating Islands acknowledges the passing of “famed lute player and composer Miguel Ojeda Díaz, who made significant contributions to traditional music in Cuba.”

Cuba: Bloggers’ Risk

  12 January 2010

“Some years ago I read a study by the UN International Labor Organization in which they reported the profession of journalist as the second riskiest in the entire world…the study was done in the nineties, when there were, as yet, no bloggers”: Generation Y reports from Cuba.