· October, 2009

Stories about Cuba from October, 2009

Cuba: Contemplating Change

  28 October 2009

“I think that for Cuba to transition to an open society from a society ‘with some emergency exits’, some of the people now occupying positions of power in the government could take a long vacation…”: Octavo Cerco contemplates what's needed for meaningful change in Cuba.

Cuba: Feeling the Disconnect

  26 October 2009

Cuba's Generation Y feels like a nomad in cyberspace, but is confident that “one day my blog will be found on a server on this Island and, believe me, it will not be because it has performed an ideological pirouette.”

Cuba: Press Freedom Ranking

  20 October 2009

“Press conditions were considered worse only in Burma, Iran, Turkmenistan, North Korea and Eritrea”: Uncommon Sense refers to the latest Reporters Without Borders index of press freedom around the world, noting that once again, Cuba is low on the list.

Cuba: Internet & Freedom

  20 October 2009

Generation Y makes a call for “freedom for Cuba” and thinks that the Internet is the way: “It occurs to me to use kilobytes, to take advantage of the cutting edge of a word that is also sharp and makes precepts grow more durable than the machete.”

Cuba: Real-Time Aggregator Cubanoscope

  20 October 2009

Cubanoscope is a real-time news aggregator that publishes links to online newspapers, but also videos, tweets, and blogs about Cuba. The site was presented by David Chapet of Bloggers Cuba [es].

Cuba: Blog Marks First Anniversary

  15 October 2009

The Havana Times blog celebrates its first anniversary – Circles Robinson reflects on the accomplishments of the past year: “Contrary to what some might think, I didn’t ask anyone for permission to put out HT, and have never had anyone from…the government directly telling me what I should or shouldn’t...

Cuba: The Prague List

  14 October 2009

Diaspora blogger Uncommon Sense highlights a list compiled by Cuban human rights activists that identifies 307 existing political prisoners: “The list…is not meant to be inclusive, but it does provide a general idea of the scope of repression on the island…”

Cuba: Yoani Sanchez Denied Visa

  13 October 2009

Havana Times reports that Cuban blogger Yoani Sanchez has been denied a visa to leave the island, even though she “continues to be allowed to publish her Generation Y page with her acrid criticisms of the Cuban government”; diaspora blogger Uncommon Sense says that shouldn't stop people from honouring her:...

Cuba: Blogging Community

  9 October 2009

Repeating Islands and Cuarderno Latinoamericano take interest in a mainstream media article examining Cuba's growing blogging community.

Costa Rica: Streaming Video Discussions on Citizen Journalism

  8 October 2009

Last night 300 users tuned in to the  video streaming from the  Spanish Cultural center, where three journalists with extensive experience with citizen media from Spain, Costa Rica and Cuba: Rosa Jiménez Cano, Cristian Cambronero and Lazaro Rodriguez spoke about the transformation of journalism as it adapts to the new...

Cuba: H1N1 & Hygiene

  7 October 2009

“The voice of the announcer calls on us to wash our hands often, use handkerchiefs when we sneeze and maintain good personal hygiene, but the reality forces us into filth”: Cuba's Generation Y worries about the H1N1 virus.