· September, 2009

Stories about Cuba from September, 2009

Cuba: Eye on Honduras

  29 September 2009

Writing at Havana Times, Circles Robinson posts an update on developments in Honduras, adding: “Here in Cuba, the parliament has taken a position of strong protest of the coup and the military repression, and the island’s media is closely watching developments.”

Cuba: Concert for Peace

  26 September 2009

The "Paz sin Fronteras" concert organized by the Colombian singer Juanes and celebrated on Sunday September 20, 2009, at iconic Revolution Square in Havana, Cuba, ignited many passions and heated debates. Posts from Cuban bloggers, living in Cuba and in other countries, show the diversity of opinions on Cuba's political situation and future.

Cuba: underground punk

  25 September 2009

Octavo Cerco posts video and photos from a concert by a Cuban underground punk band. “It looks like this year Porno Para Ricardo has broken its record of concerts given, that happens when the authorities assume you do not exist publicly.”

Cuba: activist arrested and released

  24 September 2009

Uncommon Sense reports the arrest and subsequent release of Cuban activist and journalist Belinda Salas Tapanes in Havana. “Salas is president of the Federation of Latin American Women (FLAMUR), one of the more effective opposition groups in Cuba.”

Cuba: gift packages

  23 September 2009

The Cuban Triangle analyses the US Commerce Department's new regulations on sending gift packages to Cuba. “These regulations are another good, humane move…. It recognizes that Americans in general might have something positive to contribute.”

Cuba: “mistreating social property”?

  18 September 2009

Octavo Cerco reports on a confrontation with a minor bureaucrat at a bus station in Cuba. “With these people things can get very serious, they earn a pittance for a salary but have absolute power over five square meters and they apply it with …  irreverence, force and abuse of...

Cuba: no substitute for beauty

  14 September 2009

“The economic crisis in Cuba forced us to find substitutes for almost everything, including cosmetics.” Generation Y reflects on the sacrifices ordinary Cubans once made “in their desire to look more beautiful.”

Cuba: “A Virtual Island”

  10 September 2009

“This will be the first time that an event from Cuba will be narrated live through Twitter. We hope that it works!”: Generation Y and Octavo Cerco look forward to seeing the results of the blog contest A Virtual Island.

Cuba: Antúnez Arrested

  10 September 2009

“No one should be surprised that Antúnez is again in jail,” writes diaspora blogger Uncommon Sense, as he blogs about the most recent arrest of the Cuban human rights activist.

Cuba: “Let Juanes Come!”

  9 September 2009

Generation Y takes to the streets of Havana to ask Cubans their views on the upcoming Juanes concert: “I’m glad to be in tune with my people. Let Juanes come!”

Cuba: Political Conscience

  7 September 2009

Uncommon Sense focuses the spotlight on one of many political prisoners who cannot attend the Juanes concert, saying: “Hopefully, Juanes will…come to understand that without justice for him and other Cubans imprisoned because of their commitment to their consciences, there will be no peace in Cuba.”

Cuba, U.S.A.: Obama's Order

  4 September 2009

Writing for Havana Times, Circles Robinson reports that U.S. President Obama has finally signed the order allowing Cuban-Americans to travel to Cuba and send money more easily to family members – but adds: “Nonetheless, the Obama administration maintains the nearly 50-year economic blockade on Cuba that has greatly hurt the...

Cuba: Filtering Connections

  3 September 2009

Yoani Sanchez ruminates on the many changes September brings, including this surprise: “Since last Friday it is impossible to [connect] to Voces Cubanas from the Island. They have applied to it the same slow filter they use to block the connection to desdecuba.com for users in Cuba with very slow...