· August, 2009

Stories about Cuba from August, 2009

Caribbean: Athletics Kudos

  18 August 2009

On the heels of Usain Bolt's record-breaking time at the World Championships, Caribbean bloggers pay tribute to the outstanding performance of the female Jamaican track and field athletes, while Havana Times is pleased to report that “Cuba’s female triple jumpers gave the island its first two medals at the Berlin...

Cuba: Pills as Panacea?

  18 August 2009

“If I take my clue from what people are looking for to relieve their suffering, I would have to conclude that depression is on the rise”: Cuba's Generation Y explains.

Cuba: Blogging Event in Spain

  15 August 2009

Even though probably no bloggers from Cuba will be attending the event, David Chapet of BloggersCuba [es] still thinks it is important to follow the event Blogueando a Cuba [es],which is taking place in Palma de Mallorca, Spain.

Cuba: The Maleconazo

  14 August 2009

August 5th marked the 15 year anniversary of the largest uprising of discontent the revolutionary government of Castro faced since the early years of the triumph of the revolution: The Maleconazo.

Cuba, U.S.A.: Prisoner in Poor Health

  12 August 2009

“Nobody, except the few of us motivated by our blood as Cubans and/or our consciences as free men and women, gives a damn”: Diaspora blogger Uncommon Sense shines a spotlight on the plight of Cuban political prisoner Ariel Sigler.

Cuba: The “Maleconazo”

  6 August 2009

Cuba's Generation Y takes a walk in the area “where, fifteen years ago, the social outbreak known as the ‘Maleconazo’ happened”, observing that “people’s faces seem less convinced, than they were then, that we’re nearing the end.”