· June, 2009

Stories about Cuba from June, 2009

Cuba, U.S.A.: Connecting the Dots

  29 June 2009

Call it coincidence, but diaspora blogger Uncommon Sense thinks that in light of news that Cuban human rights activists Jorge Luis García Pérez “Antúnez” and his wife were once again arrested, “it might be best to connect the dots”, particularly “in the wake of the NED ceremony, at which Antúnez...

Cuba: Fear of Change?

  29 June 2009

“Like the seemingly never ending US blockade that attacks Cuba’s economy from without, from the inside a corrosion process is gradually eating away at the relatively young 50-year revolution”: From Havana, Circles Robinson says that “there is a conservative political class of managers at most workplaces and government offices who...

Cuba, U.S.A.: Obama & “Antúnez”

  26 June 2009

Cuban human rights activist Jorge Luis García “Antúnez” said that President Obama's words of support make a big difference for those fighting for Cuban liberty, but diaspora blogger Uncommon Sense is still of the opinion that “Obama should of, and could of, done more to honor the Democracy Award nominees.”

Cuba, U.S.A.: Missed Opportunity

  25 June 2009

Havana Times reports that U.S. President Barack Obama released a statement in which he said he hoped that all Cuban political prisoners would be released, but Uncommon Sense thinks that Cuban activists deserved better: “A busy schedule or confusion about the dates, is not enough of an excuse for President...

Cuba: Unanswered Questions

  25 June 2009

“I am waiting for a clarification about why he hasn’t accepted Obama’s proposal for U.S. telecommunications companies to provide Internet to the Cuban people. I demand, like many around me, a convincing argument for why we are not going to join the OAS…”: Generation Y says that “the list of...

Cuba: Hurricane Victims

  24 June 2009

As hurricane season gets underway, Generation Y focuses on the plight of “Caletone, a town near Gibara that doesn’t even appear in the Atlas of Cuba [that] is still deep in destruction.”

Cuba: Welcoming “Granpa”

  16 June 2009

A new SMS service has increased Generation Y‘s faith in the power of technology: “I’ve known about a page called Granpa (we hope it will be more objective than Granma) that sends news to cell phones located in Cuba. Since we don’t have a paper newspaper to tell us everything...

Cuba: Thanks, but no thanks

  5 June 2009

Generation Y considers the lifting of the long-standing OAS ban on Cuba to be “like another hand offered, a new door opened, only to face the Cuban government’s unwillingness to accept it.”

Cuba, USA: OAS Says “Yes”

  4 June 2009

After 47 years, the Organization of American States has lifted its ban on Cuba's admission from the group, with most member states restoring ties with the island nation. The United States, which still maintains a trade embargo against Cuba, was the notable exception. But the opinions of other hemispheric leaders won out. Cuba is free to be part of the OAS - despite its leadership's statements suggesting that it has no interest in returning. A few bloggers are making their feelings known...

Cuba: The Music of de Salas

  3 June 2009

Repeating Islands profiles Claudio Brindis de Salas, “the famous Cuban violinist who was also known as the ‘King of the Octaves’ or the ‘Black Paganini’.”

Cuba, U.S.A.: Don't Shoot the Messenger

  1 June 2009

“This is not the first time I’ve heard that MSN Messenger is blocked for Cuban users,” writes Generation Y, revealing: “Now the prohibition comes from the other side, precisely on the part of those who built a program that helps us escape government control.”